R.I.P LARS ..., <3 Ridx

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★◕ ‿‿ ◕
◘Name: Lars 
¤ Height: 6'7"
◘Age: 19
◘Orr: Don't really care about what sex the person is
◘Taken: Yes, By the best, Ridx <3
◘Dob: October 31
◘Eyes: darkish bluish green
◘Hair: light dark blonde
◘sex: MALE!!!
◘Information: I tell the truth wether you like it or not. I'm a preety cool guy, I don't like people who make others feel sorry for them. I love anime, I listen to hardcore rock, mostly screamo and techno. I love writing poerty and I love to sing. I love emo's. I use to be emo. I stopped cutting about a year ago and plus, in my opion everyone is emo in there own way. so why try to really stand and be labeled when all you can be is yourself.
¤ Favorite T.V. shows: Ghost Adventures, Regular show, Adventure Time, Impractical Jokers, and Spongebob.
¤Hates: Drugs, Alcohol
◘Tattoos:  yes 8
◘Fav Bands: Hollywood undead, bullet for my valentine, skrillex, Breaking Benjamin, Saddie, The Gazette, Abandon All Ships, Blood On The Dance Floor, BrokeNcyde, The vacoiloids, Sixx A.M, Alice Nine
◘Favorite V-games: Soul Calibor, Tekken, Assassins Creed
◘A poem i wrote on the truth inside of me◘
You broke my heart 
Crushed my soul
You ripped me apart
Leaving an empty hole
You brought me to tears
Many times a day
I have tried over the years
To let you fade away
In my mind 
You seem to stay
But I want to leave you behind
Which I will do some day
But for now your stuck here
Deep inside my heart
The one you caused fear
The one you ripped apart

██████████ 100% Black butler


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ris514 dice:

hace 2612 días

GlOsSyRiDx dice:

hace 2612 días
LARS..? Hello..?   * :( *

ris514 dice:

hace 2655 días

GlOsSyRiDx dice:

hace 2694 días
thank u anyways :)

GlOsSyRiDx dice:

hace 2709 días
I LOve u more.. :)
plx pray for me....m gonna get my result ov 10th grade soon...plx pray.... :)

GlOsSyRiDx dice:

hace 2715 días
oh!!!!! why? 
n i cant leave u :'( 
m not leaving u.... *wipes yo tears off*
stop crying plx...:(

GlOsSyRiDx dice:

hace 2717 días
but why? :/

GlOsSyRiDx dice:

hace 2718 días
awryt!! tell me where were u...?? :/

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