Kelsie [Carnage]♥

[Lemme tell you i would die for you, and only you]

The only things i love doin:
-Hangin out witt friends.
-writing poetry
-playin my guitar.


As you've pri guessed...
my name is KELSIE.

i kno, it dont fit me, but i live with it.
everybody calls me Kyle.
don't ask why, because i dont really know.


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Sweetbaby22 dice:

hace 4468 días
lol i noe

DeathShadowsC... dice:

hace 4484 días
awwwwwwiezz cooties blingees!!heheLUFFem ttyl hun

flydude dice:

hace 4506 días
hey thanks for the picture comment.

Sweetbaby22 dice:

hace 4512 días
like ur pix comment mine ty XD

I_DO_BITE dice:

hace 4525 días
same i'm just back from school it was so boring again xD

flydude dice:

hace 4527 días

flydude dice:

hace 4536 días
cool pics

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