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criss1946 dice:

hace 2 días
You have nothing to thank my dear new friend, welcome to my group, because I really have a beautiful group of good friends, kisses dear Eliana-cris

aneczka1 dice:

hace 3 días
Thank you!!Good,very good. 

BassenMin dice:

hace 3 días
hello my friend
if you have to time and feel like it
i would like to invite you to my challenge

aneczka1 dice:

hace 4 días
Good night!

aneczka1 dice:

hace 4 días
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Italy ... what a wonderful country ....
I'm older than you, I'm 65 years old and I also love blingee.
I came back here after more than a year break ...
Maybe I'll stay here a little longer ... I'll see.
It's worth creating blingee for opinions like yours and for people like you.
PS. I like your works too, they are beautiful.

aneczka1 dice:

hace 4 días
Thank you,eliana. 
I am glad that you like my work.
I must have misunderstood you. 
I do not know English well .
Greetings Ania:)
PS Where are you from? What country? How old are you?

aneczka1 dice:

hace 5 días
Thank you for the information
So do others comment on my works?
I just can't do work differently.
Is this something wrong?
I guess I'll stop sending entries to competitions.
Only misunderstandings arise.

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