Call me Codetski!!!!

I found this website thanks to Photobucket and have been hooked ever since. 

Deviantart Account:

I have the most Blingees ever,over 68,000

In 1 year I made 10x as many Blingees as I had before

Most Blingees made in 1 day: 624 on October 18, 2018

I've won around 1260 badges including over 3700 gold blingees.


ஜputஜ ஜthisஜ ஜonஜ ஜyourஜ ஜprofileஜ ஜifஜஜyouஜ ஜloveஜ ஜANIMALSஜ 


  • Veces que ha aparecido en primer plano: 94
  • Placas: 1,264
  • Blingees de oro: 3,828
  • Blingees de plata: 60,261
  • Contribuciones de sellos: 127
  • Tarjetas: 0

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HikariFayPikachu dice:

hace 459 días
Nice you haven't gaven up that dream to have a dog of your own too :) Its nice to stay young and hopeful inside, no matter what other people try to tell you. A youthful heart is awesome :D I try to keep a youthfulness to me too (part of why i love cute things so much :3)

HikariFayPikachu dice:

hace 459 días
Calico critters are actually toys, but i like thinking of them as 'cartoony' in a way xD i'm not sure i'll ever get to own any, but looking at pictures of them is very enjoyable for me :3

HikariFayPikachu dice:

hace 459 días
Oh and another cartoon animal series I resently got super into is Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families. They're adorable and sweet and all the little parts kind of give me nice stimulation for my autism (autistic/aspie people like things with many parts to them).

I hope you are having a nice weekend :) I hope i'll get around to making more calico critters blingees sometime too.

HikariFayPikachu dice:

hace 459 días
Also, i'm fine with having religious friends, as long as they aren't the type to put me down for my crush on Korrina (she's very special to me and i support lgbtq+ people in general cuz IMO its the kind thing to do and stuff)

I'm glad thankfully blingee is very strict about people being mean to others though. Hopefully that means we can get along well, too. Its fun being friends with a major blingee maker :D

HikariFayPikachu dice:

hace 459 días
Cute dog, and nicely made blingee :) I didn't grow up with many pets, either. As a kid I was a cat lover but i only was around our neighbors' cat. I kinda grew up to prefer plants over animals a little due to less exposure to them (though i think i might just love flowers in general too tho xD). I tend to get more heavy into cartoon animal stuff than real animals. Some cartoon animals i like a lot are Hello Kitty, My Little Ponys, and Care Bears :D

HikariFayPikachu dice:

hace 462 días
Also the fact that you made 58,000 blingees is incredable. Your like the blingee God :O By the way, I like your dog blingees a lot, too, cuz I live with my own pet dog and he's wonderful :D I bet you have dogs too. Please feel free to tell me all about your fur covered children! ^_^

HikariFayPikachu dice:

hace 462 días
Awesome! I read your DA, and you're a boy. Usually I don't see male blingee makers :O I think its awesome when boys like stuff like blingee, though! More guys should be like you, and get more into stuff like this :) You're awesome!

HikariFayPikachu dice:

hace 462 días
I added you to my circle :) You look like you like doing a lot of blingees of cute things, and i'm a huuuge fan of cute stuff! ^_^ *gives you a big hug*

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