I'm am not on at all anymore, but I will occasionally visit!


/\__/\          I spelled clubwulf with (wulf) on purpose.
Hey I'm Daniela. I made this account when I was about 11 years old and now I'm 16 and everything has changed. I have new likes and new talents and my previous blingees are all but a sweet memory of my old self.
I still like anime, but it's no really a part of my life as it was before.
I sketch realism now, as well as take photography and have been doing so for 2 years now.
See my deviantart art homepage for my art.


______________/__l /_l
_____/______ __\____l
____/__/______\_\ ___i
_l _____ _______)__\ ___)        


(\_(\                        /)_/)                   
 (=' :')                    (': '= )
 (,(")(") ♥FRIENDS♥ (")("),) 

     ღFrom Bricheese28ღ


_~~~~~~~~>>тнηχ ƒσя νιѕтιηg<<~~~~~~_

    ⓔ  ღ **Goodbye Love** ღ   ⓔ 




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rahma1333 dice:

hace 2892 días
wahh!!! u luv train heartnet so do i!!!! 
im currently rewatching the anime black 4 the 26th time!!!! =^^= 
i adore ur work an i wold like u 2 be in my circle hehe ;)

DeathTheKid. dice:

hace 2959 días
hello their wolf

bricheese28 dice:

hace 3547 días
hola clubwulf!!!!!!!!! long time no talk!!

Gio2011 dice:

hace 3622 días
L'abbraccio era affettuoso e innocente, ma già si sussurra che tra loro ci sia qualcosa di più. Quella formata da Leonardo Di Caprio,  e Blake Lively, del resto potrebbe essere la nuova coppia glamour del momento.

Lui, tornato da poco sulla 

weqt dice:

hace 3796 días

mev12 dice:

hace 3894 días
heyy longg time no talk!!
I missed youu!

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