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  • Ⓥⓐⓜⓟⓘⓡⓔ Ⓚⓝⓘⓖⓗⓣ

    Ⓥⓐⓜⓟⓘⓡⓔ Ⓚⓝⓘⓖⓗⓣ

    87 Members

    If you love Vampire Knight this is a group you must join!! Invite your friends too!!

  • Vampire knight: Kaname and yuki

    Vampire knight:...

    131 Members

    This group is for kaname and yuki from vampire knight!



    150 Members

    Okay... I realize that the are some Vampire Knight groups out there, but ONLY for Yuuki...

  • kaname & yuki

    kaname & yuki

    77 Members

    Yume group for kaname and yuki fans! I love kaname and yuki, the couple is in my favo...

  • Ikuto Tsukiyomi Fan Club!!

    Ikuto Tsukiyomi...

    378 Members

    Hi! If you love Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara then please join! He's one of my favor...

  • Fruits Basket wonders

    Fruits Basket w...

    65 Members

    I realized there is no other Furuba group! How Tragic. Well, don't fret! There is one now!

  • .:。✿*V.σ.c.α.ℓ.σ.i.∂゚・✿.。.


    73 Members

    ~TheGuardians- Winner for the "Spring Vocaloider" Challenge *week of 3/2O/2O12*

  • ••~ Nabari no Ou fan!! ~••

    ••~ Nabari no O...

    53 Members

    nabari no ou fan!!

  • Cool-Anime


    122 Members

    Vous cherchez un groupe d'anime pour partager vos blingee d'anime venez voir par ici. C...

  • ·٠•°●『//♥Sayori neko♥//』●°•٠·


    33 Members

    if you like sayori neko you can join in this group

  • .:。†*ยα๓ριгε кภιgнт*†。:.

    .:。†*ยα๓ριгε кภ...

    50 Members

    ~Do you love Vampire Knight? If the answer is yes,then join this official Vampire Knigh...

  • •Dυяαяαяα•


    44 Members

    vi piace durarara?? amate durarara?? benissimo!! u.u allora iscrivetevi! presto!! *w*

  • ASIAN MUSIC • Official FAN Group™

    ASIAN MUSIC • O...

    512 Members

    Spreading the love for K-Pop, J-Rock, C-Pop, Visual kei and more ❤

  • °.★** K-POP **★.°

    °.★** K-POP **★.°

    30 Members

    e aki un grupo en donde abra blingees relacionados solo con asia osea animes,novelas...

  • Vorrei essere il motivo di ogni tuo sorriso, io.

    Vorrei essere i...

    214 Members

    Ho pαurα che quαlcuno, guαrdαndoti negli occhi si possα innαmorare di te, proprio come ...

  • Dragon Ball Z & GT Fan Club

    Dragon Ball Z &...

    155 Members

    Dragon Ball Z & GT Fan Club Join Now!!! And Tell Your Friends (No Haters)

  • The Yaoi Fan Group♥

    The Yaoi Fan Gr...

    45 Members

    If you like yaoi ( boys love beetwen anime and manga boys)then come in these Group^.^ B...

  • sasuke_fanclub


    220 Members

    ciao sono un fans di sasuke uchiha ho aperto questo gruppo per parlare commentare insom...

  • anime lovers forever  :D

    anime lovers fo...

    40 Members

    plss join if you love anime :) i love love love anime



    29 Members

    this is for gir lovers :P

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