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its official this account is dead I did make a new one cause I just felt the need to start over so link is down there

I will only return to manage the groups that's about it :o


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ChibiJenova dice:

hace 3657 días
Yes, I heard yesterday that they're making Final Fantasy XIII-2, I'm so excited! 
And also I'm very excited about Dissidia Duodecim FinaL Fantasy!!! =D

ChibiJenova dice:

hace 3657 días
Hello! =D
Yes, it's been a long time, I've missed you.
How've you been? :)

strifeboy dice:

hace 3741 días
Please join Yuna_Mist_Materia.My new Group

ChibiJenova dice:

hace 3799 días
Hello! =D
Would you like to join my Final Fantasy Pairings Group? :)

ChibiJenova dice:

hace 3934 días
3rd Competition in the FINAL FANTASY VII lovers group: Best Tifa Blingee.

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