Wats up . dis is chris and this page is so i can hang wit all my fans and have fun. So just hit me up on here and thanks for all your support.


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PrincessGirl0509 dice:

hace 3705 días
oh look....more posers on blingee.....(sigh) 0_0 what a us all a favor and plz stop....

kewlgal111 dice:

hace 3768 días
*sigh* ur just an evil poser

ajee5 dice:

hace 3770 días
look sweetie its all good i still love your songs and everything dont even think about these haters there so stupid u are a wonderful singer k xoxoMUCH LOVExoxo:-D 

glitterselena101 dice:

hace 3780 días
chris,ignor those haters after what they say about the attack with rihanna!i love both of yall and you are still awesome!i support you 100 percent!you rock chris bronw!and you deserve more respect than your getting from those haters that talk crap about you!just know you have people that love you all around the world!and i hope you and rihanna can come together again!just...just know that you rock and i support you!love ya!

ajee5 dice:

hace 3794 días
if u are the real chris brown i love u sooooooo much u are soooo fly and sexy if your not then thats messed up getting my hopes up like that>:-((-:

ajee5 dice:

hace 3794 días
are u chris brown?:-/

preciousestra... dice:

hace 3804 días
jus stoppin by 2 chis brown hehe im such a big fan :) oxoxoxo 

Mjfan1 dice:

hace 3809 días
I just wanted you to know that if you wanna have a straight up convo. dat I'm da gurl to talk to.I'm not like dem otha gurls dat freak out ova celebs I think dey should be treated like real peeps!
But anyway i would love to talk to you!

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