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Hello this is me Nightcoreperson093! and my real name is Ashley if you didn't notice anyway i'm going to tell you a little bit about me well when i was a kid i wanted my own computer and a iphone but it did not work my parents said no because i might be looking for naughty stuff but when i was about 8 she got me a computer oh man i was so happy! So my friends have been telling me about Animal Jam i play a little bit oh and i have a brother a big brother anyway as i was saying this my username Bnback0 is that a cool name or awful tell me in comments below and i really want to update the blingee thing but i think it might mess up my computer what do you think does it froze does it stop working? I just want to know anyway i do play it but i just want to watch anime it's cool and awesome! i just wanted to watch all day but my friends saw blingee and they were talking about all the time and they let me see man that looked so cool i wanted to make a blingee so i did but when i was about in high school i got my iphone i was so happy i did my happy dance but in my room i kept on making blingee cause it was so cool cause it MOVES! it was just so awesome! but have saw this youtube channel called it'scarmenjones man that is so much gore i could not stand it but i do play the scary maze game man that is so scary i did not want to play no more but my brother liked it for no reason LOL but still scary maze game is scary do not play it i repeat don't play it anyway here is a song that i made up about anime. Do Do Do Anime Anime Anime Anime why do you haft to be so coool? I want to know why? You are looking so cool i can already tell maybe you might be real or not but whyyyy i want to know why? does you have cute clothes? i want to know why? Do Do Do Do Do -Music- Do Do Do Do Do I love you! There you go and there you have it


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Jenna907 dice:

hace 1624 días
Hi you can look at my stamps if you want to.

Nightcorepers... dice:

hace 2121 días
Ok i got Blingee Plus

Nightcorepers... dice:

hace 2123 días
Hey guys I am not download Blingee Plus thank you god!

blinker1968 dice:

hace 2126 días
Thanks for joining my group of flower lovers,
feel free to add as many blingees as you want to

Nightcorepers... dice:

hace 2127 días
your welcome :)

Joshuashake dice:

hace 2128 días
Thanks for the request! :D

Nightcorepers... dice:

hace 2130 días
Thanks! Your are so awesome :D

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