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  • Blingee


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    The Official Blingee Group. A place for all Blingee users to hang out.

  • The Art Club

    The Art Club

    2509 Members

    Aim is to help others to find their creative flair - so please take some time and read ...

  • Blingee Stamps By Request

    Blingee Stamps ...

    3269 Members

    Custom Stamps By Request. This group is for requesting custom stamps for your blingees,...

  • Default_group_image

    Custom Blingee ...

    20 Members

    Everyone likes to have original stamps for their blingees, and why shoudnt you be able ...

  • Glitter graphics

    Glitter graphics

    32 Members

    hey if you love glitter graphics join this group and share you best glitter graphics st...

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    Graphic Land

    12 Members

    Graphic Makers unite.

  • Flower ✿ Lovers

    Flower ✿ Lovers

    1948 Members

    FOR ANYONE who likes flowers and loves to make blingees with FLOWERS ♥ ♫ ✿ ♥ ♫ ✿

  • (Celebrities)


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    please join the group

  • Fun Blingee Group

    Fun Blingee Group

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    Come Here For Fun,Meet New Friends, Competitions,Blingees, And Chat!

  • blingees forever

    blingees forever

    255 Members

    add any blingee you want into this group: everything except pure nudity: keep this grou...

  • BBW-Fans and Friends!

    BBW-Fans and Fr...

    48 Members

    For all women who have something and something much more on the hips! For all the wome...

  • love Vampire Diaries

    love Vampire Di...

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    Pour tous les fan de la série Vampire Diaries, et tous les autres film et séries de vam...

  • hannah/miley fanclub

    hannah/miley fa...

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    The Hannah/Miley Fanclub is now on its ACTIVE mode! [[ open for new memberz! ]]

  • Marilyn Monroe blingee group

    Marilyn Monroe ...

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    Marilyn Monroe classy, sexy, funky...

  • marilyn monroe

    marilyn monroe

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    il + bel gruppo delle dive di un tempo e delle dive di oggi...cioè noii...!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  • Para las Fans de Selena Gomez

    Para las Fans d...

    65 Members

    Para las fans de Selena Gomez unanse a mi grupo ______________________ |__|__|__|__|_...

  • Snowglobes &  Globes

    Snowglobes &...

    95 Members

    Founded by Joycieoh on 11/9/11 Snowglobes or Globes of any kind will be accepted, ...



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  • Eureka!


    146 Members

    Here you will have the opportunity to propose a challenge to the end of the month and w...

  • Inspirational Quotes

    Inspirational Q...

    101 Members

    This is a place for blingees with quotes. Created by Elarn03.

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