♥RikuBiggestFanEver gave meh this account!♥ :D

♥its BiggestPrincessPeachFan♥



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♥Princess Peach♥
♥Princess Peach is Pretty in Pink!! =D♥
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LaPrincessPea... dice:

hace 2471 días
hi hope we could b friends. im also a peach fan. ;D

Luigifangirlf... dice:

hace 3270 días
Hey guess who :)!

PeachBiggestFan dice:

hace 3508 días
Oh Hi Tara

hiyo99 dice:

hace 3616 días
what do you mean

hiyo99 dice:

hace 3628 días
i like your blingees there so cool

hestetina dice:

hace 3647 días
and by the way i have to tell yuo something.princesspeachfan told me that a hacker deleted all her blingees.i dont know if she will come back but i will ask.

hestetina dice:

hace 3647 días
i have horse wallpapers all over my room and alot of horse books.but i dont have a horse. :((

hestetina dice:

hace 3666 días
but no one is more obsessed with horses and rosalina than me!;-) by the way im good thnx! what is your favorite animal?

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