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  • Otaku Universe

    Otaku Universe

    67 Members

    all anime, manga, game and cosplay lovers. even vocaloids lovers. a group for every ota...

  • Fun And Entertaining!

    Fun And Enterta...

    205 Members

    Add bligees about Anime,Celebrities,Manga,Movies,Music,TV Shows and anything eles you t...

  • Blingee


    13759 Members

    The Official Blingee Group. A place for all Blingee users to hang out.

  • anime lovers

    anime lovers

    8327 Members

    Any Anime Luvers is allowed =D

  • Blingee Stamps By Request

    Blingee Stamps ...

    3238 Members

    Custom Stamps By Request. This group is for requesting custom stamps for your blingees,...

  • Fun Blingee Group

    Fun Blingee Group

    5960 Members

    Come Here For Fun,Meet New Friends, Competitions,Blingees, And Chat!

  • Ϡ₡Live your lifeϠ₡

    Ϡ₡Live your lifeϠ₡

    244 Members

    ღYou love life,fun & music? ღYou have wonderful Blingees you want to show it to us?Her...

  • Eureka!


    147 Members

    Here you will have the opportunity to propose a challenge to the end of the month and w...

  • The Challenge Group~Sister Location

    The Challenge G...

    53 Members

    As we know, The Challenge Group Rules state that you cannot add Blingees that are not f...

  • ᖴᗩᑎᗪᗝᗰ ᑭᗩᖇᗩᗪᎥᔕᗴ

    ᖴᗩᑎᗪᗝᗰ ᑭᗩᖇᗩᗪᎥᔕᗴ

    38 Members

    For all of the ultimate fangirls and fanboys~

  • ♥Anime Universe

    ♥Anime Universe

    185 Members

    If you like anime, manga and contest join this group! ♥



    409 Members


  • ❀Sephodora and Vincentora Couples❀

    ❀Sephodora and ...

    103 Members

    This group is created for Sephodora and Vincentora shippers.Sephodora and Vincentora ar...

  • .Thє ∂єath Aи∂ Thє Sтrαωвєrry™

    .Thє ∂єath Aи∂ ...

    398 Members

    Sei un'appassionato di manga e di anime? Allora prova ad entrare! Sempre aggiornato, ta...

  • Saint Seiya Forever

    Saint Seiya For...

    31 Members

    ღwelcome to this group of saint seiya hopefully have a good time! As you will see if t...



    49 Members

    A group for everyone who loves anime and manga. Please, be active♥ English/Italian

  • blingees forever

    blingees forever

    242 Members

    add any blingee you want into this group: everything except pure nudity: keep this grou...

  • 『♥ Otaku's Heart』

    『♥ Otaku's Heart』

    241 Members

    ∂σ уσυ ℓσνє נαραη, αѕια, мυѕι¢, αηιмє,gαмєѕ, мαηgα αη∂ νσ¢αℓσι∂? ∂ση'т ωαѕтє тιмє, join...

  • ☩ คภเ๓є l๏ςк ☩

    ☩ คภเ๓є l๏ςк ☩

    114 Members


  • [[ ONLY for anime fans ]]

    [[ ONLY for ani...

    126 Members

    Were a community of sexy raw potatoes

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