Welcome to my Domain~ Call me, Mu~

(͡° ω ͡°)

My senpai, my sister and my best friend, Dorothea, I will be on here since I know how much you loved it here. I will try to make it work because you would of wanted that.

As if anyone ever looks here (Read this:)

I cannot rate anyone's work five stars except one. Because I am sharing that particular person's laptop. So please understand. Her rates, counts as mine too. Just accept it.

Here lays a 26 year old female born on 8th of April. Whom is also proudly married. Is an Aries. (Looks too obvious.) I have two cats name Lily and Midnight. Both photobombing cats. Can never get bored of them. Or myself. Since I am pretty much outgoing. And the party starter. Ok, back to the pets. I have husky name Ace. I also have a pet bird. I feel sorry for someone's home. Its like a zoo. But ehi, its entertaining, none the less. I was born in the country of Italia. Though was not raised there. (Wont get into those details) I love my friends as if they were family to me. Only friends that have that bond, I trust them with my heart and love them as if they were the ones who took me along for the family ride.

I am sweet in the inside. And cruel on the outside. You take your pick. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Abandoning yourself is like abandoning the one we tried to love for so long. Loving yourself, is the first step before loving someone else.

From my Sys (Give her loads of love peeps):

From my Kit Kat aka Ranting Buddy (Give her loads of love peeps):

From a new great friend (Give her loads of love peeps):

From a great sissy (Give her loads of love peeps):

  =(゚、 。 '7
      l、 ~ヽ  ✿ℒℴvℯ it!✿
     じし(_, )ノ5☆★☆★☆
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dogsrulenotdrool dice:

hace 8 días

libra.no.dohko dice:

hace 42 días
XD i don't know how to stop doing that.

Teodoruka dice:

hace 42 días
<///////////////////////////////> iiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

Teodoruka dice:

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<////////////////////////////////> tomato-chan!!

Teodoruka dice:

hace 42 días
asfiuhsdfjm!!!!! <///////////>

Teodoruka dice:

hace 43 días
then why you asked if you know already?! XD

Teodoruka dice:

hace 43 días
y-yeah,i-i w-want his babies >/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////>

Teodoruka dice:

hace 80 días

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