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I make blingees when I'm bored (Which is alot) and there usually about a Rp thing with Cadan and Snowrop


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meglynn97 dice:

hace 3391 días
Hey I just made a new Sunset blingee. You should go look at it if you have time. I'm sorry about before with the whole Makayla thing. I'm on my aunts old computer and it has a hard time posting. I know the power didn't go to your head. But lets get past that. ;) Ok? Oh and tell me what you think of my blingee..thx.

meglynn97 dice:

hace 3408 días
The pic of selena I just changed the dark blue to pure black. Lol yeah it was originaly Kila's pup pic.

RockyM10 dice:

hace 3609 días
Nice Casey Sharp's waiting for YA!! Yeah...well enjoy XOXO


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