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Hey! I'm Cookie! :D This is..well..My PROFILE! :D

I am a sweet teenage girl that is easily lovable! :D I rarely get angry unless you bug one of my friends. Send me a friend request if you would like! ;)


Hai, Cookie. You have been hacked by...Puppeh! XD Well, I just was thinking, "I wanna hack Cookie. *Logs in.*" Lol, yeah. I just guessed. xD So onto the writting. You are so awesome and sweet, and a totally awesome friend. I love ya, but don't take it the wrong way. Just as a friend. You should cut down on the kids. You have cheated on lets see...Taylor Lautner/Justin Bieber/Your Laptop. Who else? XD So anyway, you are a really cool friend, who I've known for almost 3 years, and you're one of the first friends I met. Thanks for being so nice to me! -Puppy (aka -Puppy-Lover333-). Check this Blingee out, I made it for you: http://bln.gs/b/21cf0u. 

I hacked you too:D Same time as puppy. Well first, you lil dumb blonde who fails and sleeps around xD. You think you're married to Justin Bieber with millions of kids yet you sleep with your laptop. xD cheateRRRR! You're nice, funny, and used to be innocent! Your failing is funny BTW;3. PS: If anyone wants screen shots of cookie cussing i have them! And btw you better make me a frucking sandwhich or you're dead. Love xoxo kailey-(kaileychicago)
Here's a blingee for you blondoe;): http://bln.gs/b/21c7go


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Kaileychicago dice:

hace 2940 días
-Happy Thanksgiving:D-

Kaileychicago dice:

hace 3029 días
Hello! New contest: Theme: Autumn.:)

Our winner list and themes we've done- have any ideas for contests? Post here:

Thanks!:D -kailey

Kaileychicago dice:

hace 3058 días

Kaileychicago dice:

hace 3088 días

totalypink dice:

hace 3092 días
Hey New Contest in the blingee hall of fame! Hope to see you there!

~~~~> http://blingee.com/group/76820/topic/84146-BHOF-8-

Kaileychicago dice:

hace 3093 días
New contest, I hope to see you there:D

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