I LOVE Anime as you can tell by my make I love Naruto and I also LOVE Pokemon I am a Pokemon NERD! I know everything about pokemon! I am in LOVE with Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi and I LOVE Vegeta!!!! And lots of other Anime dudes, I like Black Butler, and a lot of other stuff.

Fav Couples of Naruto
1. NaruSaku
2. KibaHina
3. KakaRin
4. LeeTen
5. ShikaIno
6. ShikaTema
7. JiraTsuna
8. SasuSaku
9. NeijTen 
10. SaiIno
11. SuiKarin 
12. MinaKush 
13. AsuKure
14. SasoDei (MY FRIEND MADE ME PUT THIS ON!!! I DO NOT LIKE Narutno YOAI!!!!!!!!)
♥ NaruSaku ♥



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NaruSaku and ShikaIno
Sasuke Again
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AkaneChan dice:

hace 3035 días
Hi! I need your help for the next competition in ♦αηιмєєє♦ group. Check this out!

AngelHinata89 dice:

hace 3076 días

this is for u my friend ^^

AngelHinata89 dice:

hace 3087 días
hi my friend u asked me about stamps before and i have now found out how to do them, if u look on googe for glitter graphics save and then upload them here it works brill hope that helps ^^

lovelessanime... dice:

hace 3098 días
thank you :)

AngelHinata89 dice:

hace 3099 días
thats not weird, i have not made a stamp yet so im not to sure sorry,

and the comment u put on my pic, that pic is for a chat thing i go on called IMVU its awesome

AngelHinata89 dice:

hace 3102 días
im a huge hinata fan and i like sakura as well

AngelHinata89 dice:

hace 3105 días

hope u like it :D

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