hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *waving* welcome to my profile

you need to treat others the way you'd like to be treated. golden rule. so that being said, if you downvote me, i will vote only 1 star on EVERY single one of your blings and stamps so beware. i will lash back. and if you don't think i'll know who you are, you're sadly mistaken!

if you requested my forevertwilight account, i will request you on this one. i will not be on the other one much anymore

about me:
my name: heather
my age: 26
my birthday: january 21
my relationship status: happily single
my birthplace: sheboygan, wisconsin
my current residence: sheboygan falls, wisconsin

♡gifts that you can make me♡
☀ fairy tail: team natsu (natsu, lucy, erza, gray, happy, carla and wendy) juvia lockser, aquarius and loke (but more as leo)
☀ blue exorcist: rin okumura, yukio okumura, ryuji suguro, shimi renzo and amaimon
☀ black butler/kuroshitsuji: sebastian, ciel, elizabeth (or lizzy) finny, mey-rin, baldroy (or bard) and aloise
☀ death parade: decim, ginti, or clavis

✗bands and musicians✗
☀ the offspring
☀ little mix
☀ zayn malik
☀ backstreet boys
☀ nickelback
☀ my darkest days
☀ three days grace
☀ linkin park

things that i like:
☺ blingee!! yay!!
☺ generous people
☺ nice people
☺ anime
☺ music
☺ movies

things that i do not like
☹ cancer
☹ downvoters (ok. if you don't like a blingee, just don't vote on it! it's as simple as that! it insults and hurts too many people and you downvoters just don't care!)
☹ judgemental people
☹ homophobia/homophobes
☹ insults (even though there are always some pretty damn good comebacks)
☹ abuse to anyone or anything
☹ racism and sexism

my favorite anime
✦ fairy tail
✦ black butler/kuroshitsuji
✦ blue exorcist/ao no exorcist
✦ noragami (thank you so much kat! it's an awesome anime!)
✦ kill la kill
✦ one piece
✦ hunter x hunter
✦ diabolik lovers
✦ vampire knight
✦ code:breaker
✦ death parade

anime i will be watching soon
✧ psycho-pass
✧ death note

anime i am currently watching
ϟ fruits basket
ϟ fairy tail
ϟ kuroshitsuji
ϟ noragami

my favorite music genres
♪ rock
♪ metal/heavy metal
♪ country
♪ pop
♪ r&b
♪ rap

bands/musicians i like
♬ the offspring
♬ linkin park
♬ volbeat
♬ nickelback
♬ skillet
♬ onerepublic
♬ vocaloid
♬ little mix
♬ fifth harmony
♬ zayn malik
♬ justin timberlake
♬ keith urban
♬ luke bryan

movies that i like
✮ the twilight saga
✮ despicable me/minions
✮ alice in wonderland
✮ alice through the looking glass
✮ home
✮ pirates of the caribbean movies (can't wait for the new one!!)
✮ taken movies
✮ bring it on movies

tv channels that i like
✯ the food network
✯ investigation discovery
✯ hgtv
✯ music choice

tv shows that i like
☆ grey's anatomy
☆ bones
☆ all csi shows
☆ ncis and ncis la

                 ゜・。。・゜゜・。♡ 。・゜゜・。。・゜

               αмαzιɴɢ вlιɴɢee 5 ✪✪✪✪✪

                 ゜・。。・゜゜・。♡ 。・゜゜・。。・゜

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8  8888888888888888888888888888
   8888888      888                  88888 8     
    8 ' 88          8                      888   ' 
         '                                     8    ' 
          '                                         '   
            '                                    '
              '                                '
                '                          '  
                    '                  '      
                        '         '   
put this on your page if you love ciel phantomhive

║███║  song of the day: all in
║ (o) ║
╚═══╝  by: lifehouse


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demi lovato blue hair
demi lovato blue hair
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❀үυғғιε.vαℓεη... dice:

hace 3 días
i hope i do, too, thank you heather.

i'm writing this on my tablet. o.o well as for the anime character i would want for my private chat.

u-uchiha m-madara, he's from naruto <<

❀үυғғιε.vαℓεη... dice:

hace 4 días
hiiiii! *waves back to you excitedly* yeah, i know, i haven't been on here that much due to being sick to the point i was so exhausted all the time.

but overall, i'm okay ^^ you?

japanfan12345 dice:

hace 12 días
Hi Heather, thanks for the circle request. I did see the comment you left me before, I haven't been very active on blingee though but I'm going to try and get more active again soon. 

.Zoey.101. dice:

hace 13 días
Thanks :) What's up? ^^

.Zoey.101. dice:

hace 14 días
Thank you!! ^^ Um, I would like...Karmin, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Fallulah, Chizuru Hishiro, Megumin, or Aqua^^ I'm doing good :) Exhausted, though. I just started the third book to a series I'm reading :) Wbu?

.Zoey.101. dice:

hace 17 días
Hey, Heather!

rainbowgyrl dice:

hace 20 días
I hope you know I don't know a single thing about what those squares say!! lol

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