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haha X'D meine Lieblings Facts über B2st :

Because of Yoseob and Dongwoon’s regular snack patters, they’re always blamed for missing food

Yoseob and Dongwoon eat midnight snacks when the members play games because they don’t know the rules of the game

When the B2ST members first started living together, Junhyung threw away the members’ things to keep the dorm clean. He thought the members would be angry, so he was surprised when he found out they didn’t care

The biggest fight the B2ST members have ever had was between Junhyung and Hyunseung over a cereal box

If one person in B2ST can’t sleep, they all wake up and talk to each other

Doojoon asked Dongwoon if he had anything to say. When maknae had nothing to say, Doojoon said, “He says he loves you all.”

Yoseob and Dongwoon are midnight snack buddies

All of the members are bad drinkers. They can’t hold their alcohol very well. They only drink occasionally

Gikwang and Yoseob first met in the 10th grade

Since the members in B2ST are around the same age, there are no hyungs. Everyone is treated the same

Doojoon is the father and Junhyung is the mother of the group. Yoesob admits to being the son

Yoseob and Gikwang both went to Ahyun High School. Gikwang said, “Yoseob and I are destined to be.”

Dongwoon loved to dress in Bohemian style. Junhyung even thought that he was Jack Sparrow

The members each have different colored toothbrushes. Junhyung likes to arrange them according to the rainbow

Gikwang and Yoseob often take showers together

Junhyung and Hyunseung sleep next to each other. Doojoon and Yoseob sleep next to each other. They always use their colorful polka-dotted blankets

Junhyung finds it troublesome when Doojoon leaves and he has to take the leader position

When B2ST upgraded their dorm, Doojoon called his mom and said, “The dorm’s living room is so big that I could even play soccer in it!”

The B2ST members think Yoseob looked the weirdest before debut because of his hair

The B2ST members have all showered with each other

The B2ST members visit their fansites often

Due to being a rapper, Junhyung thinks people forgot he can be cute and tactful

The B2ST members are awkward around girls

Dongwoon wants all the members to go to the hot springs together while holding hands. Junhyung doesn’t want to hold their hands

The B2ST members don’t care if people call them recycled, but they worry about their fans being hurt by the comments

Yoseob is a frog while Doojoon is an elephant

BEAST became BEST, according to Yoseob

Doojoon says that Junhyung runs around the house and goes up to the members whispering while staring at them, “I’m the Joker.”

On Dongwoon’s graduation night, the members all came to support him. On that day, they rubbed their weary eyes and showed their love and loyalty to him even though they had things scheduled until 6 AM before that



I'M A :

★ ☆V.I.P☆★

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★ ☆Baby☆★

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★ ☆ L.O.V.E (or NU'TELLA? X'D)☆★

and a ...

★ ☆Yobeo☆★

★ ☆Charmer☆★

★ ☆Dragon☆★

★ ☆Oktizen☆★

★ ☆Royalty☆★

|üвєя мι¢н|:

❑ Single
❑ Taken
✔ Mentally dating a character that doesn't actually exist

ηαмє: נυℓια

ѕριтzηαмєη: נυℓι,נυℓкα, ιмσυтσ, נυℓι-¢нαη, ¢σσкιє, вℓση∂ιє 

αℓтєя: 17

мυѕιкяι¢нтυηg: яσ¢к, ρυηк, αℓтєяηαтινє, ηυ-мєтαℓ,נ-яσ¢к, к-ρσρ, νιѕυαℓ кєι, 

ℓιєвє: αηιмєѕ, мαηgαѕ, נαραη, мυѕιк, мєιηє ƒяєυη∂є, ѕüßєѕ, мєιηє ƒαмιℓιє, нσυѕє σƒ ηιgнт 

ℓιєвℓιηgѕαηιмєѕ: ∂єαтн ησтє(!!!♥), ηαяυтσ, ασ ησ єχσя¢ιѕт, єℓƒєη ℓιє∂, ναмριяє кηιgнт, ℓα∂ιєѕ νѕ. вυтℓєяѕ, ηιgнт нєα∂ gєηєѕιѕ,ρѕу¢нι¢ ∂єтє¢тινє уαкυмσ...

мαηgαѕ: мαι∂-ѕαмα, вαкυмαη, ѕιℓνєя ∂ιαмση∂, ω נυℓιєт...

House of Night - Geweckt |||  >.<" http://bln.gs/b/23u0ux - noooooooooo!


Heey! Meine Nee-chan ist auch auf BLINGEE :


ich kenn sie auch in echt und das schon ne weile XD
ich glaub ich habs zu verantworten dass sie jetzt hier ist und so tolle blingees macht XD sie mag animes und yaoi(♥) und sie hört gute musik - so wie cih XDD und sie schreibt echt tolle kurzgeschiten und liest sich meine auch durch(wenn ich welche zustande kriege ^^")

Meine Damen und Herren - einen Applaus für Anna, meine Nee-chan! 


(uii sorry anna aber ich muss doch der ganzen (blingee)welt mitteilen wie toll du bist, na? XDD nimms mir nicht übel hehe)
Interview with MASASHI KISHIMOTO author of NARUTO:

— What inspired you to create NARUTO?

At first I wanted to create a ramen manga, but it was not really suited for children. So I just picked up the name of Naruto (A common topping on Japanese noodles such as Tokyo-style ramen), and combined Ninja story. Both are the pieces of Japanese culture, so I thought that it was a good combination.

— What would you say is the main theme of NARUTO?

Our need for recognition from others. It was a big theme for me, because my idea of ramen manga also was not recognized.

— Who would you target as the audience of NARUTO?

Fourteen years old boys. I can get down on my knees to beg them to read NARUTO. 14 years old is something special for me, because I began to think that I want to be a manga artist when I was fourteen. I want to give fourteen years old boys a dream as same as people who gave the dream to me.

— Do you have a rival?

Manga artists of Weekly Shonen JUMP, and talented young artists.


K1ba: http://bln.gs/b/22r6if <--- das erste geschenk auf meinem neuen acc ^-^
http://bln.gs/b/24gfpg <--- soohyun ♥__♥
http://bln.gs/b/24mr76 <---- yo seob!!!! *-* soo 
http://bln.gs/b/24xad7 <---- CL *-*
http://bln.gs/b/25dz3g <---- soohyun ♥


http://bln.gs/b/22tq92 <---- DEI x______x
http://bln.gs/b/22v46x <-- *______*
http://bln.gs/b/22whsg <--- soo wunderschöön n.n

http://bln.gs/b/22wk1g <---aaaaarigato! *____*

http://bln.gs/b/22vnbs < --- Naruto UND L O.O
http://bln.gs/b/24xrkz <---- Naru :3

http://bln.gs/b/230fm0 <----- MAAYA ♥-♥

http://bln.gs/b/23crit <--- einfach nur KAWAII *-*
http://bln.gs/b/240xsm <--- so süß von ihr T.T

http://bln.gs/b/23db5h <---- BUNT *-*

http://bln.gs/b/23op8a <------ Tobbyy^^ und soo verrückt bunt 


http://bln.gs/b/24izb9 <--- BIG BANG!! <333

http://bln.gs/b/24fo9t <--- YOSEOOB *fankreisch*
http://bln.gs/b/24h854 <--- sie zeichnet soo schön
http://bln.gs/b/24mrdu <--------- wunderschööön [sehr wunderschööön XD] 
http://bln.gs/b/250fcu <------- CUTE *-*
http://bln.gs/b/25ef2t <------- amaziiiing O_____o


http://bln.gs/b/24iz0y <--- YOSEOB *_____* daaanke :)
http://bln.gs/b/24zy3r <---- G-DRAGON with his Dog Gaho ♥_______♥



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