♥The Official Princess Peach ピーチ姫(Pīchi-hime)™♥

♥Hey, welcome to my page! I am Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom! And as you might already know, I have long blonde hair with blue eyes. I am a sweet and kind princess so please do not swear or say anything rude to me, cus if you do, then I'll block you. 
So anyway, feel free to chat with me and please comment and rate my blingees!♥ :D
♥Oh and also, I use those signs (×) in my name (×PrincessPeach×), not the normal (x). If you don't understand... well whatever.♥ ^^

~♥×Peach Toadstool×♥


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♥I am the real Princess Peach!♥ 

♥My #1 Fan: BiggestPrincessPeachFan!♥
♥My #2 Fan: RikuBiggestFan4Ever!♥

♥If you have any questions just ask.♥ :3

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♥Princess Peach!♥
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PinkPrincessP... dice:

hace 1908 días
You rlly sure your teh rel peach?

anapaulinasol dice:

hace 2760 días
peach is so cute i use her when she is playable

PeachBiggestFan dice:

hace 2953 días

PeachBiggestFan dice:

hace 2953 días
Srry bout that i was ment 21 wite I love ur new blingees

PeachBiggestFan dice:

hace 2953 días
Hiya i love u

TheRealPrince... dice:

hace 2955 días
Hi Princess Peach how are you *hugs*
From the real Princess Daisy

PeachBiggestFan dice:

hace 2957 días
Hi Peach how r u

cuteprincessp... dice:

hace 2960 días
are you the real Princess Peach

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