your always in my heart

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You are always in my heart (For all who wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday/Para los que me felicitaron ayer)!
"You are always in my heart" {Blair&Chuck}
Happy Autumn to All My Blingee Friends-You're Always in My Heart!
 In memory of my beautiful mom ....11-16-2000
My Heart Goes Out To You Mary(Fairyirish04)
True Friends Are ALWAYS In Your Heart ~ For The Sweetest Rimay
For my sweet Susi with ♥
For my friends!!
Always On My Mind
Blue- The Best Feeling, "In The Arms Of Jesus" I Miss You Daddy3/30/1947-11/30/2015 PWG Present With God  ((alwaysanangel69))©®
To My Bestie,Kay,