xx xaxaxxaxax xx can stand under my umbrella 3

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The Princess's Book Of Enchanted Fairy Tales~ Much Love To All My Friends <3
Merry Christmas~I'll Be Here Waiting For You...For "ALL" My Friends <3
Santa Snow Globe~Merry Christmas To "ALL" My Friends <3
Merry Christmas Sleigh Of Love~For "ALL" My Friends <3
A Very Merry Christmas To "ALL" My Friends; I Love "ALL" Of You Thank You For Being In My Life <3
Love Birds~Happy Valentine's Day~For "ALL" My Friends <3
Tabitha Rose~ I Love You My Friend...<3
Merry Christmas~Let's Remember The True Reason For The Season~For "ALL" My Friends; You're ALL In My Prayers <3
Happy Fall Ya'll~For "ALL" My Friends <3
Happy Advent~For "ALL" My Friends <3
Happy Holidays To "ALL" My Friends <3
you can stand under my umbrella