where is my blingee

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To all my fellow Addicts
❀sερнσ∂σяα_vιηcεηтσяα❀ is my cousin!
Remember the old blingee times?
My internet is baaaack
Art is a bang ...
Blingee Friends, I Love You - Elarn03
To all my sweet friends on Blingee.
O0o°_Where is my Prince..._°o0O
"This is my last blingee"- Bibzer_Heyzer
q: ωнαт αиιмє ¢нαяα¢тєя ∂σ уσυ α¢т ℓιкє؟ α: кσиαтα ιzυмι.
To all my Sweet Blingee Friends
  My Blingee Beginnings_ Part 2