when i'm with you

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I'm The Happiest...When I'm With YOU!
24 hours are not enough when I'm with you
I'm Back On Blingee - I Love You My Blingee Friends - Elarn03
But in the end the world outside doesn't even matter for me when i'm with you. ❤
When I'm With You---Faber Drive
For My Diamond.♥ : Happy (belated) Birthday !! :D * { Nina Dobrev } When it's you I'm dreaming of I don't wanna wake up *
Look the sun goes down. I'm so happy when I'm with you.
Time Goes By So Quickly When I'm With You!!!
Don't be sad, mother. I'm with you now.
I'm only me when I'm with you <3
The butterflies you give me when i'm with you. ∞
Poetic Cat: WARNING by Jenny Joseph

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