the cast of my brother and me

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♥ My Fiance and Me ♥ Merry Christmas ! ♥
♥ My Fiance and Me in the Mall drinking Latte Macchiato ♥ 17 October 2010 ♥ Happy Halloween ! ♥
Michael The King Of My Heart♥!by:A.E.J
♥ My Fiance and Me ♥ I love every centimetre of you.. ♥
you're the love of my life
♥ My Fiance and Me ♥ 11 December 2010 ♥
my brother and me
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family and friends of Facebook...
Chacha 「You are the Sunshine .... You are the Sunshine of my Life =^.^=」 『2010年05月日30』
The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation by Preciousbaby63
♥ My Fiance and Me ♥ You mean the world to me ♥
The Deck of Cards-Tex Ritter