teodora crescent valentine pink

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◤❆◥ Kokone for Valentina ◣❆◢
Sephiroth Crescent
◤❆◥ Please call me Teodora Crescent Valentine! ◣❆◢
『❣ Thank you for everything passionpussycat! ❣』
【♡】Family Crescent Valentine wishes you Happy Valentine!【♡】
Sephodora Couple~❝You are mySun,My Love,my All,My Crescent❞
【❤】Think positive.Everything will be fine.【❤】
ღLove at first kiss~☆The theatre scene.[Rᴇᴀᴅ ᴛʜᴇ Dᴇsᴄʀɪᴘᴛɪᴏɴ]
【❤】Happy Anniversary Saito x Teodora x Toshizo!【❤】
»Vincent Valentine~❝Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?❞ «