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❥⊰∞ѕeɴd мe α leттer...мιĸυ ∞⊱❤ {Revi}
.«.•°•..[.W a i t i n g  f o r  Y o u  t o  c o m e  b a c k.]..•°•.».
.•o0o•- z a z i e - •o0o•. :Tegami Bachi Letter Bee:
How E-mail used to be
Eclipse Jacob Letter xconcorso!
Letter from Hogwarts.
°°C'è posta x te!!!°°[original by clayla]
(¯`·._) Luka Megurine & B (¯`·._)
little letters,little moments ©
A letter for her true love
łeŧŧer før yøu ~~  Anime girl
Rumores que asustan :/ ~ frightening rumors :/ [READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE!!! IS IMPORTANT!!]

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American Horror Story

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