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~♥♫•Miku` Hatsune` (in` green`) - Love♥` doesn't` just` disappear`•♫♥~
And everyone's saying, "Shape up & get a life!" (Well picture perfect, doesn't mean much to me .❤)
It Doesn't Have Me
Marionette -Puppete-Doesn-t-matter-what-Genre
Black- He Doesn't Love Me Any More ((alwaysanangel69))©®
Single? - Taken? - Mentally Dating A Celebrity That Doesn't Know You Exist? - Elarn03
Love doesn't have a gender {Jacob &+ Edward} Babiee_Eskimo_RAWR ♥
Little Girl Doesn't Look Too Happy!!!
Freddy tries to get into the "Playa's Lounge" but still doesn't know what it means
***Where Time Doesn't Matter...***
Doesn't Anybody Care About Me?-Amber Alert
Like tommorow doesn't exist