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  • Dark---Goth


    18 Members

    Hey, bienvenue dans le groupe " Dark---Goth " !!! C'est un groupe reservé aux blingees...

  • Crime_Scene_Queens/Kings


    25 Members

    anyone emo/punk/scene/goth can join and upload any pic. And please no posers. I like ha...

  • Christian Goth

    Christian Goth

    12 Members

    The boys at Littleton were apparently not Goths;they had incorporated some Goth symboli...

  • Default_group_image


    1 Members

    Any thing and everything Emo,Metal or Goth

  • ✞GothObscure✞


    28 Members

    DArkInside ami la notte l'oscurità e ti affascina il goth le regine dell'oscurità il ne...

  • *~Goth•By•Heart~*


    22 Members

    Gothic Beauty of the night, bewtich thy soul by candle light.

  • Gothic 4 ever!!

    Gothic 4 ever!!

    41 Members

    is a grup of gothic metal and the phoptos of the grups gothic!!plase unanse//este grupo...

  • ღ му ѕтιℓє ღ

    ღ му ѕтιℓє ღ

    101 Members

    qυαℓυиqυє ѕια ιℓ тυσ ѕтιℓє ιѕ¢яινιтι qυι ѕιєтє тт вєи α¢єттι! ѕє ии ѕαι ¢нє ѕтιℓє νυσι ...



    1 Members

    This group is for those who feel strongly about stopping global warming, though anyone ...

  • <:.:Amy Lee Fans:.:>

    <:.:Amy Lee ...

    24 Members

    Calling all Amy Lee & Evanescence fans! Join the group 2 support Amy and the band

  • Default_group_image

    Girls Only. Wit...

    1 Members

    ALL GIRLS, ALL WELCOME. JUST no BOYS! we stand for all things girl!

  • gaki girl

    gaki girl

    51 Members


  • //_^~ Cotton~candy~scene~Kids!!!~♥

    //_^~ Cotton~ca...

    5 Members

    A sooper cool group for scenes, emo's, goths, or any cool people who just wanna join,

  • Punk Forever

    Punk Forever

    18 Members

    Punk, goth and emo blingiees.

  • emo goth and punks 8D

    emo goth and pu...

    1 Members

    For emo/goth/punk lovers!!!!! 8D

  • ~* Gothic *~

    ~* Gothic *~

    53 Members

    Holaaa sí tienes imagenes gothic, compartelas con nosotros...

  • Default_group_image

    Love ♥ £vane§¢£n¢£

    1 Members

    Se vc amaa evanescence entra nsseh grupo "eu amo evanescence, e show e fikei sabendo ...

  • £vane§¢£n¢£


    4 Members

    Se vc amaa evanescence entra nsseh grupo "eu amo evanescence, e show e fikei sabendo ...

  • ~*Static Pulse*~

    ~*Static Pulse*~

    4 Members

    A new group for all the Cyber/industrial goths of Blingee.

  • Obsessive_Blingee_Disorder


    25 Members

    please add our group if you love making blingees

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