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  • Friend's Pic Makeover!

    Friend's Pic Ma...

    6 Members

    Editing Friends Pic's!

  • ○•○•AnimeFreakz•○•○


    32 Members

    Welcomeee~! :D This is a group for any Anime lovers <3 Please enjoy ^-^

  • Official Kerli Fan Page♥Moonchildren

    Official Kerli ...

    4 Members

    For anyone and everyone who is inspired by Kerli. Check out her official site at iamamo...

  • Behind the Looking Glass

    Behind the Look...

    72 Members

    Everything, By Everyone!

  • Default_group_image


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    JOIN NOW! ♥

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    Punk Riot

    7 Members

    JOIN NOW! ♥

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    We Stand Together

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    This group is for the Emo, Goth, Punk, Metal, and anyone who feels mistreated, misunder...

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    ++°°Red/ rot°°++

    1 Members

    hier kommen eure lieblingsfarbe Rot rein. egal anime manga Goth spring... viel spaß

  • ღ Victoria Francés ღ

    ღ Victoria Fran...

    12 Members

    Hai un'anima gotica e ami lo stile gotico/romantico di Victoria Francés??? Allora quest...

  • ☠ємσ† .Ðάяк ✖Goth PEOPLE

    ☠ємσ† .Ðάяк ✖Go...

    14 Members

    Are you a dark person? Do you like the vampires? Do you like Evanescence, My Chemical...

  • Night of Darkness

    Night of Darkness

    183 Members

    A group for all things of darkness. If you love vampires, angels and demons, witches, ...

  • Anime Lovers Foeva

    Anime Lovers Foeva

    6 Members

    If you love anime characters blingees etc thisis the place to come. add ur blingees vo...

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    The Official Em...

    4 Members

    For all us emo's out there. No Wannabes. No posers. Just us, true emos.

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    EmO TeEnS

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    a group for emo,got,scene,punk,and etc. teens...anyone can join.if sometings happens in...

  • Gothic Part 2 Passions

    Gothic Part 2 P...

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    GP2 is NOT currently running any challenges

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    ..*... Mondo Go...

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    Un gruppo dove il goth regna sovrano...perchè essere Goth non è uno stile di un giorno ...

  • Welcome to the Goth world

    Welcome to the ...

    20 Members

    This is a group that you can put any of your gothic blingees.

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    __[*Lo sTiLe gO...

    3 Members

    gruuppo per tutte le ragazze che amano questo stile e che sono un po' tristi o sole. en...

  • EmO $tyLe

    EmO $tyLe

    1 Members

    pour les acros du émo

  • ''··..let fly your imagination..··''

    ''··..let fly y...

    126 Members

    This is a group for everything an for everybody, the most important thing is your imagi...

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