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This is my first time creating a group so thank you everyone for joining, adding your lovely blingees, entering the competitions and/or voting! It means a lot <3 A big thank you to Nightmare71, LovingRed and senstx who have given me some ideas to organise the competitions better:

- From now on, you can enter old or new blingees in our competitions (people might be too busy to make a new one, and we might have an old blingee we really like)
- Competitions last a week, and voting lasts a week (this should make things feel less rushed lol)
- If you have just won a competition and are organising the next one, you can enter an example blingee but cannot participate in the actual competition (this is to give other people a chance to win)

Please share any other ideas on how to improve the group :3 I really appreciate your help! Have a nice day~
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You are doing great laladere !
 Is a great group with great people.
~ It will be great to get ideas from all
the group .

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5 ***** I love the way you have set up this group rules. It gives others a chance to win or place.
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Bravo!! laladere--you have done a great job!!
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Thank you guys ^0^ I couldn't have done it without you~
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 you are doing a good job, i love this group its very relaxing :-) thumbs up sweetie
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I think I'm running behind, BUT I know you're doing a TERRIFIC job!!!!!
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thank you so much guys <3

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