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I made this group because, as you can obviously see, is extremely girly and the ultimate girly girl! I love fashion and makeup and nail designs, and I want to express it through a group and I think eventually Girly Girls Unite! will be all the talk and will be one of the #1 groups!
Girly Girls Unite! is a group that brings girly girls together to talk about fashion and makeup and nail polish designs, like the new fashion trends, and also you can ask for advice about what to wear and what to buy, ideas for outfits and where to shop! You can even rate what I put in the fashion section below, and say if it's your style or not. Many cute pictures of animals and pretty and glittery graphics, and just pictures of girly things, Some links to cute and makeup or nail polish tutorial videos,And also some girly and prissy quotes.
Girly Quotes
"I don't expect everything handed to me! Just sit it down wherever."

T.G.I.F. means Thank Goodness I'm Fabulous!

"I would exercise, but then I would sweat my makeup off."

"Life is too short for it to be spent for not taking me to the mall!"

"Honey, if you're going to be two-faced at least make one of them pretty."

"Many people say I'm just like my daddy.. He must be perfect too!"

"You think you're strong? Oh please, once I went to the grocery store with NO MAKEUP!"

"I'm not going to cry for you, my mascara is too expensive!"
Every Week We Will Have a Contest For The Girliest Blingee You Can Only Enter Once
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