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The clumsy, beautiful girl named Tsukino Usagi, Bunny, one day meets a talking cat Luna, who revealed to the girl his destiny as Sailor Moon, Warrior of love and justice. Bunny needs to find the Moon Princess, there is a mysterious force that threatens the earth and the moon. Only the Moon Princess is able to defeat these evil forces, and banish forever from the galaxy. She makes use of the silver crystal, probably the strongest weapon in the universe, the one who takes the life that unfolds its full power. Gradually, she meets the Sailor Senshi Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus, her standing with their own special attacks, but especially with their friendship and love, in the fight against the evil side. Since the first episode since the first battle that Sailor Moon had to exist, it is also Tuxedo Mask to the side and helps her again and again to fight against the bad guys. Soon it turns out that Bunny is even the moon princess, after she has been looking the whole time. After she defeated her first major enemy, but are new enemies and threaten the Earth. Bunny, or Sailor Moon, must evolve so ever to make more schwierigereren opponents until the final episode of its very existence, without weapons or any raids, the last and greatest enemy - the strongest Sailor Soldier of the galaxy, Sailor Galaxia - to love just by a touch and the ability to forgive, and to see a bright side in every villain, defeated.

Sailor Moon
    Usagi "Bunny" Tsukino (月野 うさぎ Tsukino Usagi = "Rabbit in the Moon") is a carefree schoolgirl who has a very large capacity to love. It is very often a timid crybaby who hates it at first that she must fight evil. Gradually, she learns, however, deal with their responsibilities. In her previous life she was Princess Serenity (Latin Serenitas = hilarity), the daughter of the Queen of the Moon Kingdom, called the Silver Millennium.

Sailor Mercury
    Ami Mizuno (水 野 亜 美 Ami Mizuno = Asian beauty of the water) is a quiet bookworm Bunny from school. She is highly intelligent, talented and generally formed. As Sailor Mercury, it has power over the water, what could possibly be because of the planet Mercury has a bluish-gray color. Possible but also that their power in their quiet nature ("Still Water") refers. In Japanese, the Mercury is called the water star. One day, Ami wants to become a doctor like her mother.

Sailor Mars
    Rei Hino (Hino Rei 火野 レイ = Spirit of Fire) lives with her grandfather in a temple and works as a miko. So she has a sixth sense for evil. As Sailor Mars, she can control fire. The planet Mars has a blood-red surface, such as fire and was named after the Roman god of war Mars. It is no coincidence that Sailor Mars is the most warlike of the Sailor Senshi. In Japanese, the Mars star known as a fire can be very assertive and often appears irritated by Bunny's behavior, but then cares much about them. Their great weakness are boys.
    Hideaki Anno took on the name for the figure of Rei Ayanami Rei in Neon Genesis Evangelion.  

Sailor Jupiter
    Makoto Kino (Kino Makoto 木野 まこと = sincerity of the trees) is very big and strong - so it is incredibly strong and can fight well, fittingly, is the planet Jupiter is the largest in our solar system. When she is Sailor Jupiter, it has power over lightning and plants (the Roman god Jupiter lightning sent to Earth when he was angry). In Japanese, the Jupiter is known as a wooden star. After Makoto's parents died in a plane crash, she had to learn early to cope alone. Their interests include household, cooking, martial arts and gardening. She also sees in every good-looking boy her ex-boyfriend or high school graduates, who broke her heart. Makoto is a lovely girl who prefers to cook for her friends.

Sailor Venus
    Minako Aino (爱 野 美奈子 Aino Minako = Beautiful Child of Love) before their meeting with Bunny and the other a heroic career as Sailor V. Therefore, it also has its own familiar, the cat Artemis (the Greek goddess Artemis is patron goddess of the forest, it was also the moon goddess). The Sailor Team Sailor Venus, she calls herself, and she is Bunny similar in many respects. She has the strength of hearts and the light and is the guardian of love (Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love). She describes herself as a warrior, therefore, always the love and beauty. Your willpower makes her a strong warrior. In Japanese, the Venus is known as the star of love. Her dream is to become a singer and celebrity.

Tuxedo Mask
    (To protect 地 场 卫 Mamoru Chiba = The Erdplatz) Mamoru Chiba as a child had a serious accident which deprived him of both his memory and his parents. He has always prophetic dreams that led him to act as Tuxedo Mask and fight with Sailor Moon against evil. Mamoru was the prince in his past life on earth with the name of Endymion (in Greek mythology, Endymion was the mistress of the moon goddess Selene) and the mistress of the Moon Princess Serenity. After he and Bunny are not liked at first, but remember both of their relationship in her past life and fall in love with each other again.

Sailor Chibi Moon
    Chibiusa (ちび うさ Tsukino Chibiusa = Little Rabbit of the Moon), which is actually called Chibi Usagi (that's why they want to confuse the audience, at the beginning are too Bunny), and is the future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru and comes from a future in 1000 years. It has a similar hairstyle as her Bunny and similar in many characteristics. She falls in love with Pegasus, which turned into a unicorn with wings Helios.

Sailor Pluto
    Setsuna Meioh (冥 王 せつな Meio = Mistress of the Dark, Setsuna = sadness) appears at first only as Sailor Pluto, the guardian of space and time. It was only later realizes that she is living as a student on the ground. To Chibiusa she has a special relationship and is for them a kind of surrogate mother. Chibiusa Puu calls it.

Sailor Neptune
    Michiru Kaioh (海王 みちる Michiru Kaio = Full ruler of the sea) is like Sailor Uranus, Pluto and Saturn one Outer Senshi. Therefore, they like the other Outer Senshi have greater power than the Inner Senshi. As Sailor Neptune, she can control the forces of the sea. In Japanese, the Neptune is called the Star of the Sea. At first she worked alone, but then met on Sailor Uranus, in which she fell in love. Michiru is very talented, plays violin and painting She has given many concerts and her paintings have been exhibited frequently in galleries.

Sailor Uranus
    Tenoh Haruka (Haruka 天王 はるか Ten'ō = distance ruler of the sky) are usually more masculine. Before she became a sailor-warrior, she wanted to be a racer. She is very athletic and can be beaten in any sport. As Sailor Uranus, she is the warrior of the sky. They usually go their own way and also the expense of others - except Neptune. Although she is the warrior of the sky and often says that she is like the wind, they also used the powers of the soil or earth. In Japanese, the sky Uranus is known as Star.

Sailor Saturn
    Hotaru Tomoe (Tomoe Hotaru = 土 萠 ほたる fireflies from the ground sprouts) is the best friend of Chibiusa. She is quiet and has closed. She often has dizzy spells, giving themselves over the course of history, however. In the third season, she appears as the Messiah of Silence, Mistress 9,. After defeating Mistress 9, Hotaru is reborn. This past casts a shadow on Hotaru. Always a bit is on the edge, which is also due to the fifth season has no childhood.

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