All 4 Jonas

All 4 Jonas

We're active! Your club 4 everything JONAS, but mostly Joe! =D SO if you love and/or like them as much as I do, you'll LoOoVe this club! There will be a new club icon each week!

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Joe Nas Facts

1. Name: Joseph Adam Jonas
2. Nicknames: Danger, and JJ
3. DOB: Aug.15, 1989 (22) (the same day as his parents anniversary)
4. Place of birth: Casa Grande, AZ
5. Hometown: Teaneck, NJ
6. Now living in: Dallas, TX
7. Height: 5'9"
8. Weight: About 140 lb
9. Shoe size: 9 1/2
10. Eyes: Hazel 
11. Hair: Dark brown
12. Hand he writes with: Right
13. Why he sometimes wears glasses: 'Cause he's nearsighted 
14. Favorite color: Blue
15. Favorite kind of car: Mercedes 
16. Favorite hobbies: Sports, cooking, working out making movies, jogging, and getting his inner nerd on
17. Plays instruments: Guitar, piano, keyboard, and percussion
18. Out of his brothers: He's the messiest, laziest, and loudest 
19. Favorite holidays: Christmas, and Valentines Day
20. Favorite actors Jim Carry, and Johnny Depp
21. Favorite food: Chicken cutlet cutties
22. Favorite candies: Twix, Godiva chocolate, and Tootsie Rolls
23. Favorite board game: Monopoly
24. Favorite song: "Only Hope" by Switchfoot 
25. Favorite ice cream: Chocolate marshmallow
26. Favorite ice cream topping: Hot fudge
27. Favorite junk food: Mint and cream Oreo
28. Favorite fast food stop: In And Out Burger
29. Allergic to: Shrimp
30. Favorite Drink: Orange Gatorade, Red Bull,and Starbucks coffee 
31. Prefers: Tea over coffee, and texting over calling
32. Favorite animal: Lion
33. Favorite designer: La Coste's
34. Animal he wishes he could be: Lion
35. Deodorant he uses: Old Spice, and Right Guard
36. How he flirts: Hugs, nudges, and sings to her on the phone
37. How he lets a girl know he likes her: He smiles a lot, and compliments her. Joe would never lie just to impress a girl
38. And: Isn't afraid to let a girl know he likes her
39. What he likes a girl to wear: Leggings
40. Role model: His father
41. Favorite vacation spot: Bahamas
42. According to his mom: He once had a crush on his first-grade teacher, and was quiet as child
43. According to his brothers: He takes forever in the shower, takes forever to get ready, and then asks how he looks about 4 times 
44. First job as a kid: Shoveling snow
45. Once happened: he drove their tour bus, and almost crashed it
46. About his dog: He's a rare bulldog, named Winston, and has a Mickie Mouse marking on his side
AND ALSO: Joe released his first solo album "Fastlife" October 11, 2011


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                                 TY & Have Fun

May 9 -23 WINNER'S creation is by Debby_Ryan

                                 Your JONAS Friend

P.S. A Jo Bro Did You Know found out by ME:
The last 7 digits on the Jonas Brothers phone number (818-748-8887) says "SHUT 8 UP". Don't believe me! Check with your phone.

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