Teen Wolf Series Fr. MTV

Teen Wolf Series Fr. MTV

The Original MTV Series Of Wolves! Starting: Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien) Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes)

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Anything & Everything That Has To Do With Teen Wolf The MTV TV Series!!!__________________________________________________
I Just Found Out At MTV Teen Wolf.com, That This Amazing Series Has Been Picked Up Again For Season 3, Another 24 More Fantasic & Suspenseful & Hair Raising Episodes To Come!!! Yay, I Can't Wait!!! I Love This Series!!
Happy News, This TV Series Has Been Picked Up For A 2nd Season,YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I Can't Wait!!!!!
TeenWolf 2nd Season Started On  June 3rd, 2012!!

When Will Teen Wolf Return , I Don't Know Exactly But I'll Be Sometime In The Summer Of 2012! 
Derek Will Be The Head Wolf, He'll Be The New Alpha In Charge!! Place: Beacon Hills High School

Plz Make & Place Ur Blings Of Teen Wolf In The Group, I Will Rate All Of Them!!!!!

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The Original MTV Series Of Wolves! Starting:
Scott McCall (Tyler Posey)
Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien)
Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin)
Allison Argent (Crystal Reed)  (Killed Off) Season 3 Pt.2
Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) Aka The Banshee
Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes) (Left The Show)
Also Known As The Kanima
(Seth Gilliam) As Dr. Alan Deaton Fr. The Clinic
New Comers Are:      
Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman)(Left The Show & He Might Return Ending Of Season 3 Pt.2)   
Erica Reyes (Gage Golightly) (Killed Off)Season3 Pt1 
Vernon Boyd (Sinqua Walls) (Killed Off)Season 3 Pt1

(Ian Bohen) as Peter Hale
(JR Bourne) as Chris Argent (Allison's Father)
(Jill Wagner) as Kate Argent  (Killed Off) Season 1
 She's Back In Season 4
(Melissa Ponzio) as Melissa McCall
(Keahu Kahuanui) as Danny Mahealani 
(Linden Ashby) as Sheriff Stilinski
(Eaddy Mays) as Mrs. Argent = (Killed Off In Season 2)
(Michael Hogan) as Gerard Or Grandpa
(Orny Adams) as Coach Bobby Finstock
(Stephen Lunsford) as Matt = (Killed Off In Season 2)
(Bianca Lawson) As Ms Morell School Counselor 
(Max Carver) As Aiden One Of The Alpha Twins = BF Lydia  (Killed Off) Season 3 Pt.2
(Charlie Carver) As Ethan The Other Alpha Twins = BF Danny   (Leaves Beacon Hills) Season 3 Pt.2 
(Gideon Emery) As Deucalion Leader Of The Alpha Werewolves
(Felisha Terrell) As New Alpha Kali = (Killed Of In Season 
(Brian Patrick Wade) As New Alpha Ennis = Pure Brutality
(Adelaide Kane) As Cora, 17 yrs Derek's Younger Sister
(Ian Nelson) As Young Derek Hale 
(Meagan Tandy) As Braeden
(Alicia Coppola) As Talia Hale - Dereks' Mother
(Ana Walczak) As Laura Hale -Dereks' Sister
(Haley Webb) As Ms. Blake-English Teacher & Derek's Love Interest & The Darach...........
(Zelda Williams) As
                SEASON 3 PT 2 CHARACTERS
(Matthew Del Negro)As Scott's Father Rafeal MeCall
(Arden Cho) As Kira Yukimura 
(Tom T. Choi) As Kira's Father
(Tamlyn Tomita)As Noshiko Yukimura Kira's Mother
(Shelley Hennig) As Malia Tate Aka Is A Coyote & Peter's Daughter
               SEASON 4 NEW CHARACTERS
(Joseph Gatt) As Paul
(Dylan Sprayberry) As Liam Dunbar
(Mason Dye) As Garrett
(Rhylin Rhambo) As Mason
(Ryan Kelley) As Deputy Parrish

Challenges:  Mark & I Are Working Very Hard In Making Every Last Detail For The 1st Cahllenges To Take Place. We Will Be Giving Out Trophies To The 3 Top Best Blingees Made In Every Challenge. Everyone In The Group Will Have A Chance To Win These Beautiful & Gorgeous Trophies Which Mark Has Made Them Look Exquisite!!!

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