In loving memory of earthquake victims in Japan..

In loving memory of earthquake victims in Japan..

Join the group easy if you believe that one should pay to the victims are a little memory.

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     "- worst natural disaster in 140 years
 (an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale)
     - tidal wave flooded northeast coast
              (Over 10 feet high wave)
      - about 100 fires across the country
   - so far 300 deaths in coastal city of Sendai
             - Atomic declared emergency
    - first part of the tsunami reached Hawaii
     And there has been over 80 aftershocks ..
 - a possible consequence is reportedly a nuclear fusion "


         What is wrong with our world .. 
      There is really no longer had enough misery
                        . . .

This group is for all those and also to the earthquake victims in Japan mourn the remaining parts of the Pacific ...


When I see those pictures, I just can not understand how some people talk about that -.-

"It is not Germany, so I do not care" or "People are my own fault and would help no one"

.. madness because I might freak like that! Since you should simply switch on the brain before you say something. -.-
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Thank you for your group!
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