Blingee Hall of Fame Contest #12 RESULTS

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Well here it is!
There were so many entries for the "Love" contest and it was just so overwhelming because they were all such good blingees! So after narrowing it down to a top 6 I narrowed it down to 3 places and 3 honorable mentions thanks to my special guest judge! (thanks mom >.>)

Anyways sorry for the rambling, here are our winners!!

~3rd place~

~~2nd place~~

~~~1st place~~~

~~~Honorable Mentions~~

Congrats to the winners! :D 
Kailey gots your prizes for the top 3!

PS. I've been having the urge to give those detailed analysis of blingees like I used to do in the original Hall... should that be a prize?  Vote? Kthxbai
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Congrats winners! :D

~UNomi~ I think it's a great idea to give a detailed analysis to the winners for prizes! It's easy and free lol :) 

Just a random thought....
 i think it would be fun if we re-created the hall. You could make a thread like the old one on FooPets where people posted their blingees that they thought were worthy enough to be in the hall, and then you could make another thread and you could put all the blingees that made it into the hall on that thread. And we could be the judges and it would b like the good ol' days! :D lol This is just a thought, it would probably be a lot of work, i dunno if you want to put that much time into it, if you are too busy i understand 100 percent. i know we are ALL going to be busy when school starts... Well anyways, have a good day, again congrats winners! :)
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Congrats winners:D


3rd: one blingee, 10 blingees rated 5*
2nd. one stamp, 20 blingees rated 5*, a gift!
1st. One blingee, one stamp, 30 blingees rated 5*
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Thanks SO much for your opinion. I agree with you 100%. I really wanted to do that a while ago, but I got caught up in some stuff and wasn't able to put time into it. I really want to, and will think about it! 'Im gonna be a junior this year and I'm gonna have ALOT of work to do :S you know?


Thanks hun (prizes)! Hey what do you think about my prize idea and Cheeses' idea? Me, you and Totally should get together to discuss. :)
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Oh thank you soooo much hun... :DDDDD 
I'm really looking forward ♥♥♥♥
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We all should get together and discuss it;D

^exactly like that

And no problem
Lenii: what blingee and stamp would you like:)
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Ohyey, I placed! :D
Ummm, I think it would be great to do the critique thing again. It definitely helped me in the long run. x'D
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A James Cameron’s Avatar blingee would be great :D
And a couple stamp :) ♥♥♥♥

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