Blingee hall of fame contest 11 results

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In total there was 46 different blingees submited xD. And this was so hard to choose. I got it to 30..then 24...then 20...etc til fianlly I limited it to 6, and now 6:P
My friends -puppy-lover333- and 5cookie5 helped me on my friend's chat decide. And this was so hard xD. You are all so great and talented at making blingees.
These are the top 3 however, I'm putting in honorable mentions because of how hard it was..xD


Honorable mentions~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1st place - 1 blingee, 1 stamp, 1 gift (edit: wait, I still have a free gift left xD)
2nd place - 1 stamp, 20 blingees rated 5
3rd ~ 1 blingee, 10 blingees rated 5

Oh yeah xD. It took 33 minutes to finally pick out the winners O.o xD
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Congrats! :D
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Wow, thank you! Congrats to everyone who placed/got an honorable mention! :)
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Thank you so much :D 
that makes me happy ♥♥♥♥
KiSs ^^
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Wow 33 minutes is a long time! Congrats to all!
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OMG! Thank you very much! ♥
I'd like a Ariana Grande blingee,please (: