BHOF Contest 9# Results:D

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Here are the results:D
Lol, my rules may have been confusing.So as long as you followed the main rules I let it slide if it was a new or old blingee. And if you at least said the friend I let go of mentioning depiction xD. 
This was HARD. Lemme tell you all that, but I smiled at descriptions to friends. So sweet:D
1. LaUr3n_ShAuNyXoXo -
2. angela3747 -
3. inesitaahh -
4. 7demilovato7 -
Tell me what you guys want:) And the next contest is coming soon:D 

Oh and prizes
1st place~ 1 stamp, 1 blingee, 50 blingees rated *5.
2nd place~ 1 stamp, 1 gift, 40 blingees *5
3rd place ~ 1 blingee, 30 blingees rated *5
4th place(yup xD) ~ 1 blingee, 20 blingees rated *5

edit: I already voted for all:D I might have voted extra for all though xD. Because I just realized there was 12 blingees in a page and not 10. And if I already voted I made it up in the next page hopefully.
Send the gift to Angelea
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Congrats guys :)
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wanna do the next contest ilikecheeseplease?
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GREAT!!3RD PLACE!!!I LOVE YOU GUYS!! ,thank you ;D...<3
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Sure! I'd love to! but I'll have to start it right away cuz I'm gonna b super busy this week, hope you don't mind that it is so soon after this contest 
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Didn't expect to place much less come 1st. But yay :)

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