Kamichama karin cute

Kamichama karin cute

For kamichama karin lovers or also Kamichama karin chu to~

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Karin Hanazono 
Karin is the protagonist of the series. Her name literally means "The Flower Bell of the Flower Garden," with the "Flower Garden" as her surname and "Flower Bell" as her given name. Karin used to live with her aunt because her parents died a long time ago, but she moved in with Kazune and Himeka after they found out about her goddess powers. She is an outgoing person, even though she does bad in school and sticks up for her friends. She had a cat named Shii-chan that passed away in the beginning of the first series. In the first series, she has recently ended 6th grade and starts 7th in volume 1, and is 14 years old. In Chu she is in 8th grade and is 15 years old(Stated in volume 1 of Chu). The ring Karin originally thought was her mother's ring allows her to borrow godly power. Her ring is silver and has the power of the goddess Athena (Aphrodite in Chu). It is later revealed in the later volumes of the manga that Karin is actually Kazune Kujyou's wife, Suzuka Kujyou,(Suzuka is Karin backwards, since suzu is another way to read the character rin), which was stated in Volume 7 that Karin was returned to an infant by Kazune Kujyou. It is shown that whenever Kazune becomes drunk, even with the so much as the smell of alcohol, he acts perverted towards Karin. They end up together and will end up loving each other with out either of them knowing at first in the beginning of the anime. At the end of the sequel of the manga, it is shown that she and Kazune get married.

Kazune Kujyou
    Kazune is the main male protagonist. His ring has the power of Apollo Greek god of sun (in the sequel, he has a different ring with the power of Uranus). He is in 8th grade. While he acts cool during much of the story, Himeka states that in the past, he was weak and cried frequently, only becoming his present self when he turned ten years old, after knowing who he was. While Himeka loves bugs, Kazune hates and fears them; in Kamichama Karin, Himeka reveals that Kazune's fear of bugs developed when he and Himeka ran into a giant bug when he was little (which, ironically, was Karin in a bug suit). Even though he is a clone of professor Kazuto Kujyou, he is incomplete and passes out after transforming in god form. He often speaks to Karin in a way that she deems sexist, talking about things like the inherent stupidity or weakness of girls (this is used against him in Chu when Jin calls him a 'girly boy') Kazune is in love with Karin (and tells Michiru such), and has known since the age of ten that Karin is his wife, Suzuka. He himself is the clone of his "father". The older Kazune, Kazuto, put his reseach in Himeka, and then split them in half to protect his work from his former partner, Karasuma Kirihiko.
    In Chu, Karin's and his son, Suzune come from the future. He warns them that Kazune goes missing in the future (with a woman Suzune claims), and later it is discovered that he actually died soon after Suzune was born. When he learns of this, he stays away from Karin, believing what he did was horrible and had caused the future Karin too much trouble. Karin punches him after discovering this was the reason why he avoided her, saying she knew he disappeared in the future but was working hard to change that.
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