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Vitani Fans

Welcome Vitani Fans!

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If your a big fan of Vitani from Lion King 2 add your self to the group. Please read the rules and Lion King blingees are aloud.

1.Dont join if you hate Vitani from Lion king 2.
2.Be nice to the members.
3.Only Lion King related Blingee's
4.Have fun

The group is about:Vitani
Blingees:Lion king and exspecualy Vitani blingee's!
Movie:Lion King 2

♥About Vitani♥
Name: Vitani
Gender: Female
Fur couler: Blondey brown
Eye couler: Blue
Home: Outlands
Other: Has a fringe
Her Family:
Mam: Zira
Dad: Scar (Taka)
Brother(s): Nuka,Kovu
Sister(s): None
Mate: Kopa
Crush: Kopa
Etiquetas: King Lion VITANI

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