**MADE 2 B TOGETHER** CHAPTER 3(OMG! forgot to put taylor L. :S )

**MADE 2 B TOGETHER** CHAPTER 3(OMG! forgot to put taylor L. :S )
**WE'RE ALL AT THE CAFFETERIA. A NEW GIRL CAME IN SCHOOL(KAYLEE. JOE & MARIKA HUGGING** Me: Oh, come on Jorika, stop it! We're in the caffeteria. Marika: But we love each-other. Right Joe? Joe: Right baby *kiss* Nick: So now we hv just 2 singles: Marni & Tom. Amanda: Marni won't be single for too long, darling. Nick: Something happened? Amanda: Yep, she invited Robert to come with us in exursion. Kevin: That's nice. He's a nice buddy. Me: And handsom... Sophie: It's still not as handsom as my love. Kevin(victory smile): See...I win! Sophie: Oh, don't get bighead now! Kevin: Never baby! *kiss* Me: What is today, the day of kisses? Nick: IDK, why don't you ask Tom. Tom? Tom wake up dude! Tom: That new girl is so hot. Christina: Go talk to her! Nick: Yeah, go on!Tom: OK. Here I go. Wish me luck. Joe: Oh, go on. Ya won't need it. Nick: Mandy, hun don't you think it's our time to kiss? Amanda: Yes Nickelo! *kiss* **~MEANWHILE~TOM GOES TO KAYLEE** Tom: Hay! Kaylee: Hey! Tom: I'm Tom.(reach out his hand) Kaylee: Kaylee.(shakes his hand) Tom: So, how is to be the new girl? Kaylee: A bit difficult. I don't know anybody here. Tom: Yeah, OK. So, what classes do you have? Kaylee:Umm...English, Biology, Algebra & History. Tom: Oh, great! I have English too. The place next to me is free...if you wanna sit. Kaylee: Yeah, ok. Thanx. Tom: You're welcome! So...where will you sit now? Kaylee: To tell the truth...i don't know. Tom: Oh, you can sit with us. Kaylee: Really? Tom: Yah. Kaylee: Well thanx again. **THEY COME AT US** Tom: Hey everybody! This is Kaylee! All: Hey Kaylee! Kaylee: Hey Everybody!*sits next to me* Me: Hay! I'm Marni. Kaylee: Hey Marni!...GOES ON IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!
creado por: sweet_taylor

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