LOL! Hugz *duckin* U R Golden!! LOL! Hugz Roxy 7-10-09 After I made this Midnightstar1 told me about a Polish Fairytale so I am adding it to this. once a upon a time in the dark ages, there lived a young shoemaker in Warsaw. He worked in an old master workshop but didn't earn much. however, he didn't have to worry about a place to live or warm food, or a company to go to the inn. nevertheless, the young shoemaker dreamed of a different life for himself. he dreamed about loads of riches, carriages and beautiful palaces. once he was sitting in the inn with other craftsmen. the young shoemaker started to boast about how rich he was going to be in the future. a white-bearded old man heard him talk, looked at the boy carefully, and said: They say that here in Warsaw, in the dungeons of an old castle there lie treasures people haven't dreamed about. the treasures are guarded by a princess accursed into a golden duck. However, you need to be extremely daring to get there, besides... - Where's the castle?! - the boy exclaimed. I'll go there at once and beg the princess to give me at least a handful of ducats! - You'll find her in the Ostrogorskis' castle- the old man said- you have to go there at midsummer night to meet the duck. but people say the gold is cursed and will bring no luck to anyone. the young shoemaker didn't listen any more... The midsummer night! It was still three nights left. he couldn't work or eat with impatience. finally, the night came - the boy found the castle and off he went into the dungeons. the roam was horrible, as the candlelight drew scary shadows on the walls of dtone, and the echo of the boy's footsteps was deafening. he could hear crackling and howling in the distance.all that lasted for hours! suddenly, he saw a a twinkling light. when the boy approached, he saw a little pond and a golden duck in the middle. the duck had a gold crown on. seeing the shoemaker, the bird immediately turned into a beautiful princess in a golden robe. ~I know what you are coming for! - the lady said with a voice that reminded the sound of tiny golden bells. ~I'll make you a rich man, but first you have to fulfill one condition. ~Speak, my lady, and I will do anything you order to! ~I'll give you 100 ducats and you will spend them during one day. However, you cannot share it with anyone! Then you'll come back and I'll give you all the gold hidden in the dungeons. ~Well, I don't suppose that should be difficult to do!- the boy was happy. ~Go now - said the princess- but remember you must not bring a penny back,or you'll be a beggar till the end of your life. The shoemaker took the money bag and off he went, followed by a witchy giggle. The next day, he went to the tailor to make a very wealthy outfit for him. after a few hours the boy was wandering the capital's streets in a wonderful caftan, a velvet hat and shiny shoes! he went to the inn and ordered finest dishes.then the boy hires a carriage and cruised the streets, bowing to all the noblemen he met. and so the evening came. The young shoemaker glanced into the purse and saw there are only a few ducates missing. he decided to go to the theater. Sitting in the box, he had the time of his life. but after the play his money bag was still almost full! Suddenly, he heard a weak voice, calling: ~Please, help, good nobleman, an old soldier! - the shoemaker looked around and saw an old man dressed in rags. The boy hesitated, but then threw a handful of ducates towards the beggar all of a sudden, there was thunder and lightning, and the golden princess stood up in front of the shoemaker. ~ Oh, you miserable! you didn't hold your word! - and she disappeared. The boy felt a thrill, looked at himselfs and saw his worn-out shoes, old clothes and a heap of stones instead of the money bag. ~well, that's all right! - he thought - what happiness it is if you cannot share it with anyone! - Then, he came back home happy as never before.
creado por: wackowoman

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glitter.dust dice:

hace 3656 días
Cool,i love this stunny blingee.


hace 3658 días
this is pretty love that gold :)

bottle75 dice:

hace 3659 días
can i pawned the duck lol.very cute i lov gold

peanut-69 dice:

hace 3659 días
Great bling, love what you shared with us. Money, wealth or riches if you have them, but don't share them, what happiness does it truly bring you.

PhantaZzma dice:

hace 3660 días
DUCKK! This is beautiful! xoxo

birdtoes dice:

hace 3660 días
This is absolutely gorgeous!!!

midnightstar1 dice:

hace 3660 días

midnightstar1 dice:

hace 3660 días
woooow! wonderful - there is a veeery old and magical, but sad Polish legend about a golden duck - this reminds me of it!

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