happy easter ^^

happy easter ^^
i want to say happy easter to... blue-my birth momma-i may have left you but you will always be in my heart.. love you momma. ^^ black-my birth papa-same momma papa, i may have left you.. but you will always be in my heart! love you lots papa. ^^ you taught me sooo much since i am mostly fox. thank you. *hugs tightly* loki-adoptive daughter-i saw you alone.. shivering.. whimpering.. crying close to your dead momma. but i found something underneath that pretty pelt of yours.. a very loving and nuturing heart.. and i took you in and gave you so much love like i never gave anyone before. *smiles warmly at daughter and takes her by scruff gently* you are going to be a wonderful wolf when you grow up i just know it. i will always be there for you little loki. ^^ *sways tail and giggles pressing my nose to her tiny nose* whenever you need me i will be running to your side. *smiles truthfully* rinji-adoptive papa-i love you papa. ^^ i may have little sense of acknowlegde talking to you but i know your great in every single way. i just hope we can become more. *smiles* building more to a papa and daughter relationship. *hugs you* always for enternity.. love you. *smiles warmly* your great. rainy-adoptive grandma-your sooo funny grandma rainy.. *giggles and pokes you* xD we had some good times together but i have little to know about you but i do know this.. i love you grandma rainy. *smiles big* your a cool grandma to have. i have so much to learn about you. ryan-adoptive brother and best friend-he well, is amazing to me.. he was the first one i met, the first one i grew close to, the first one to fall in true love with.. i guess i could i did change him.. but i would sound to conceided. *smiles* i am sooo glad i met him. there isnt enough words i could say to make me explain how important he is to me.. to everyone. im glad he changed. i love him.. as a brother.. but also a lover. *smiles and nuzzles him* ^^ rosy-adoptive momma-i love her, she is so sweet and acknowlegdes me from whatever state im in. she is amazing to me. and im glad to have her a a momma.. im proud of her. ^^ *giggles and huggles her tightly* she is very supportive.. i couldnt ask for a better momma. ^^ kriystal-adoptive auntie-i havent known much of her only talked to her for a short while but i do know i love her with all my heart. *smiles and huggles her* she is funny just like her best friend rainy and my grandma. ^^ *smiles* akiko-adoptive auntie-i always have good times with akiko.. the first time i saw her i saw her starving and managing over just over a scrap of tiny piece of meat.. but i help her hunt again and she is good as ever. ^^ im proud and glad of my auntie akiko. ^^ *hugs her tightly* very fun. zero-mate-i found him.. racing across my blue and yellow eyes.. his flashing smile and his charming looks.. i couldnt resist that.. no one could resist that.. *smiles and blushes* he had a long scar caused from a bear and i known from that point he was brave. *smiles* nothing could get better than that in a mate. i healed it and he showed me such genorousity.. i dont know how i could ever repay him.. but i love him. i guess you could say we mated already.. *giggles and blushes lots* but i not gonna go father than that.. *looks away* he accepted me for me.. he is a amazing guy.. and i still have much to learn about this true hero of my heart. *smiles warmly and kisses his cheek* the amaterasu pack-the pack i belong to-shadow and amarisa are the only ones i know but i know shadow he is a good fellow and he is a great friend being very supportive in all ways. *smiles and nuzzles him* and amarisa i still have much to learn about shadow's daughter but i know she very nice and sweet.. also caring. *smiles at her* amarisa is the alpha female of the pack and shadow in the alpha male. all of these i metion.. they just accepted me.. for me. i might be different basing my accent and looks.. but they didnt judge me.. i looked past that.. and i appreciate that very very much. i dont know what i would ever do without you guys.. *smiles warmly at all of yall* thank you guys.. so much.. and.. once again.. happy easter. ^^
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