Adrian (and no i didnt write this)

Adrian (and no i didnt write this)
One random afternoon you were walking down the road, because you were bored and you see this boy sitting by himself under a tree, so you think wonder who he is? You walked up to him and said” hi, I’m ______, whatcha doin?” He glances up at you and says” sitting.” You sit down next to him and say” I noticed, so what’s your name?” “ Adrian.” He replies looking at his feet. You turn your head so you could see his face and said” are you ok?” He stands up and says” yeah I’m great.” and walks off. You can’t believe he just walks off like that, so you think whatever I tried to be his friend. a couple of days later you were at the movies with a friend and you see Adrian. You tell your friend that the boy was here and pointed to him. She smiles and says” he’s cute.” You roll your eyes and say” come on, lets get some popcorn and a drink.” You make your way into the theatre and find some seats you notice that Adrian sits in the row in front of you. You smile to yourself and the movie starts. In the middle of the movie you need some more to drink so you tell your friend you’d be back and walk out and up the counter. You get a refill and turn to see Adrian standing behind you. You look him up and down and say” well, well if it isn’t Mr. Cranky pants.” He raises an eye brow and says” well, if it isn’t Mrs. Noisy pants.” You look at him and laugh” right, I’m the bad person for trying to help someone else.” He shakes his head and says” I never said you were the bad person, I just said you were noisy.” “ oh, right, but whose the one who walked off when I was trying to have a conversation with him? Hmmm.” You start to walk off before he can reply, but he grabs your arm and says” I’m sorry, I was having a bad day and I was thinking about….some things.” You look at him and then your arm and said” well looks like your having another one of them days today.” He let go of your arm and said” sorry, its just I have a lot on my mind.” “ like what, how to be nice?” you ask sharply. He shakes his head and says” well its none of your business, and I am nice, you just don’t know me.” You laugh and said” well first impressions tell me a lot about a person.” You turned around and left him standing there. Almost a week later you walk into a convenience store and there he is. You think is god punishing me or what? You turn to walk out not wanting to argue like ya’ll did the other day, but he saw you and said” hey, can I talk to you?” You say” I guess.” while still walking “ I wanted to apologize for the way I acted, both times I was a jackass and I’m sorry.” He says as he walks with you. You turn to him and say” well I’m sorry I was noisy.” He smiles and says” so are we cool?” You say” yeah.” He asks” so would it be to much if I asked you on a date?” You stop walking and stare at him confused and say” you want to go out with me?” He smiles and says” yeah, so will you?” You look down at your feet and back at him and say” sure.” “ sweet, umm how about this Friday at 7?” You smile at him and say” sounds like a date.” He smiles back. He walks you home and says” I guess I’ll see you Friday.” You smile and say” yeah totally.” He leans down and kisses your cheek and says” good-bye.” You blush and say bye and walk inside. You couldn’t wait till Friday got here. 2 days pass and its finally Friday. You goof around the house till its time to get ready. At 7 you hear a knock at the door. You open it to see Adrian smiling at you and he says” hey, beautiful are you ready?” You smile and say” yep.” He took you to dinner and the you went to the lake and laid on the hood of his car and look up at the stars while listening to his favorite song Smother Me by The Used. He looked over at you and grabbed your hand and held it close to his heart and asked” would you be mad if I kissed you?” You blushed and said” no, I would like that very much.” He smiled and leaned over you putting one hand on your cheek and the other was on your leg and kissed you. He finally pulled away and looked you in the eyes and said” _______, will you be all mine, till the day I die?” You smiled and said” yes.” He smiled and kissed you again. Now 2 months down the road, you’ve noticed he looks different. He looks extremely pale and he’s always tired. One day you asked” Adrian, are you ok, you like…sick.” He takes a deep breath and says” yeah I’m sick.” You sit up and say” why didn’t you tell me, I would have got-” He cut you off” ______ I don’t have a cold or the flu.” You looked him confused and said” what do you have then?” He looked at you with worry in his eyes and said” I have leukemia.” You stand up and say” What, no you don’t!” He stands up and says” I found a couple weeks before I met you.” You felt tears on your cheeks” why didn’t you tell me sooner?!” He grabbed your hand and said” if you would of known, you would have treated me different, I didn’t want it to be awkward for you to be around me, I’m sorry.” You pulled your hand away from him” so now you tell me?” He says sorry. You asked” how much longer do you….have?” “ 6 months.” he replied. You cried even harder. He hugged you and kissed the top of your head. “ _______, no matter what happens, I‘m going to be with you…forever, I love you” You looked up at him and said” are you scared?.” He said“ I‘m only scared of not being with you.” You cried even more, he asked” will you do something for me?” You said” anything.” He kissed your forehead and asked” will you marry me?” You felt tears again and said” yes, I love you.” He kissed you and said” I love you to.” A month later you got married. You loved each other more then most people do their whole lives. You got pregnant with his baby. He was so happy, but you both knew he wouldn’t be there to see it. In the next few months you did everything you could to keep Adrian with you longer, but unfortunately he was taken late one night in his sleep. 2 days after his funeral you found a note in the mail. You open it and read it out loud…. Hey babe, it’s me. I wrote this the other night and gave it to my mom because, I knew my time was coming, I told her to give it to you when the time came. I wanted to write you one last time to tell you how much I love you and how much I’m going to miss. I know it’s going to be hard on you, but remember I’ll see you again someday. I want you to take care of our little one, give him everything I couldn’t have. I want him to know what its like to live without no fear to live like tomorrow may never come. I want you to always remember me, but I also want you to love again. God I cant tell you how much I want to hold you every night and fall asleep with my arms wrapped around you. Promise me you’ll find a man, who will love you, make you laugh and treat you like you’re his world. I’d do anything to be there to see you give birth to our baby, but I’ll be looking down on you both and babe remember our love is like the wind you cant see it but you can feel it. I’ll always be in your heart. I love you more than life itself . Yours always Adrian. You had the hardest time reading that note, he was right, he would always be with you and you promised you would love again. If Adrian taught you anything it was how to love and be loved. He taught you about life, hope and the long journey ahead. You soon gave birth to your baby boy who you named Adrian Jr. You did what Adrian asked and gave everything you could to your son, you taught him that you have to live as if you’d die tomorrow. You met a someone 2 years down the road and fell in love again. He was nothing like Adrian, but he loved you with all his heart and that’s all you asked for. He treated your son like he was his own. You two lived like Adrian did, without fear. Years later your time finally came to stroll up to the pearly gates, you finally get to see Adrian. He was standing there with the biggest smile on his face. You smiled back and said” I miss you.” He kissed you and said” I missed you more and our son is the most amazing person, you did a great job babe. You smiled and said” thank you.” And walked into heaven, with your one and only true love…..Adrian. (it made meh cry)
creado por: KitttyKat101

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