emo love!!

emo love!!
pic for this story called conveniently enough emo love story!! really sad but really cute!! read!! here it is!! : EMO LOVE STORY! she sat him down across from her she looked him in the eye she said "how much do u love me?" he said for u baby i would die." as they were walking hand in hand he turns to her and stops "baby r u hiding something from me?" he whispered. " no" she whispered back and that was the end of that. she didnt want to tell him how she really felt...... for that would hurt him so... when he came to the room she was sitting in he sat next to her and asked... " plz tell me wats on your mind" she started to cry.... as they looked into the rain she asked him again "how much do u love me?" he says "for u i wojuld die" she whispered into his ear and he became surprised wat she ad whispered in his ear hat faitful day was the way she would kill herself she left a blood stained black rose in his hand then kissed him goodbye he stopped her that day because he had a new plan in mind he loved her so much he would die he gave her a gun and took a knife... kissing for the last time at once, when they said their i love yous and goodbyes she pulled the trigger,and he pushed he knife they died together on that fateful night..... both their hearts stoppedbeating. stopped beleeding but they did not stop loving. is it better to die then watch your loved one die w/o u? would u stop her? would u care? would u die?.......... or would u ........ move........on? they both agreed that if one must go both must go. as they died side by side they held their loving kiss the kiss,which kept them together. toldu it was sad!!but i think its cute at the same time!! guess i'm weird!!
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