A question of heaven

A question of heaven
"The time is close now, the end is near My walk through the valley, trails of fear I feel empty, my penance overdue, I guess it's too late now to be with you I'm extremely frightened of what will surely be I sold myself, the death of me I know you can't forgive me I know I'm on my own, I've betrayed you I walk alone What exactly is the meaning of this Just pawns in your twisted game Severe pain for the lie I'm livin' For a love I never could betray Question me not say the lord unto thee You have chosen your own fate and your own destiny Denied of this life is what you are to be You have chosen your own fate and your own destiny Lord I pound my fists at you Won't you just let me die Would I not suffer enough No inner peace no after life I did what I thought was right All for the love of my life I know it's sad but true Something is very wrong Condemned to suffer so long For a love so true The question that lies within Is so hard to understand It still tears at me And in my dying breath My heart holds no regrets I wouldn't change a thing My spirit begins to rise to the heavenly skies Just to be shunned away by you Now all I want is to die, no streets of gold in the sky And I wash my hands of you Rising to the heaven's light Just to plead for death Just to be denied Rising to the heaven's light Just to plead for death Just to be denied Ooohhh, I know you can't forgive me I know I'm on my own I know that I've betrayed you You know I walk alone You know I walk alone I walk, I walk the trail of fear I pound my fists at you I'm shunned away by you I wash my hands of you Why won't you let me die Why won't you let me die Why won't you let me die." ----Inspired by the song "A question of heaven" by Iced Earth.---------- I do believe in God & I do know that he works in mysterious ways,but I feel like religion betrays people sometimes especially those who are true believers of any kind of religion.
creado por: GabyChan13

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Pixytta dice:

hace 2274 días
If I freeze, it's not a computer virus.  
I was just stunned by your Awesomeness...Do that again! i love it!!!wow!!!

raysmith42 dice:

hace 2287 días
Wonderful Blingee my friend!!
*5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★*

sonicknuckles dice:

hace 2293 días
brilliant blingee  i belive in god too but i dont really have religion any more cos i feel like they are all hypricates and liers and bullshiters 5 stars 

Pixytta dice:

hace 2299 días
WOW! mind blowing... Amazing Masterpiece as always, hmm well  God definetly works in mysterious ways, I feel betray (Family) i feel like an ass, u bling & lyrics inspired to think..

Lubov7778 dice:

hace 2303 días
                ( .. )
 ♥*¨*•.¸¸❤   ❤¸¸.•*¨*♥
           ☆SUPER ☆

mejserr dice:

hace 2303 días
we chose our own destiny with ones decisions. Maybe I should stop thinking now... hehehe

Thanks for made my brain go wild with lots of thoughts. It is truly an awesome masterpiece!!!!!!!!!

mejserr dice:

hace 2303 días
An epic masterpiece. My family are devote Catholics... U may say that I'm like the rebel, but I'm not I do believe in God, but I belive in many other things too. I try to believe in blindness, like faith ask U too. But I can't. I have the need to read, to learn about the mysteries in life. Sometimes I seem like crazy with the things I talk about... u know aliens, other lives whatever. OMG I just want to know to much (my father says) Sooo maybe he's right, maybe he's not. Like the song tells... 

Haruka-Happy dice:

hace 2304 días
ρlєαsє cσммєит αиd vσтє ƒσя мy вliиgєє:


тнαиck  yσυ¡¡¡¡

[sorry if you have received this before]

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