Scamp and Indpendence's gang meeting part 2

Scamp and Indpendence's gang meeting part 2
On the way over they heard a familar voice "Oh Scamp? Oh my dear Scamp! Where are you?" Scamp rolled his eyes and said sarcastically "oh no guess who it is?!" Indy hung her toungue out of her mouth disgusted and said " its that ugly yellow rat Angel! Hide quickly!" They both hid under some bushes and watched as she walked past Angel: Scamp come here right now! and bring that gangster girl with you we need to talk! Indy stuck her toungue out at her and said quietly " yaaddah, yaddah, yaddah! Bunch of crap miss cuckoo in the head!" Scamp tried to stifle his laughter at that and whispered "good one Indy!" Angel luckily didn't hear them and moved on aas soon as they were sure she was gone they both burst out laughing Scamp: Hahaha that was too funny, too funny! Haha were did you pick that up? Indy: My dad used to say that to make us laugh *sighs as she thinks about her long dead father* Scamp: I-I'm sorry I shouldn't have- Indy: No, no its ok! Its in the past they're gone now! Scamp: Whatever did happen to them? Indy: I'll tell you one day but right now we're VERY late for the meeting! Lets get going right now! Scamp: Huh? Oh right sorry lets go!
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Cool_Glitter_... dice:

hace 2589 días
,,yaaddah, yaddah, yaddah!,,-this is soo original! XD
 I laughed so hard! :)))
Good Job, pal! :D This is so awesome! ;)

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