The Tapestry of Life!

The Tapestry of Life!
For all my friends..The Tapestry of Life! There once was a time when the buffalo roamed the open plains, the sound of their thunder was heard across the vast expanse. The mighty horse ran free, their wild spirit unbridled by man and they covered the open plains. The eagle spread their powerful wings to survey all their sharp eyes could see, riding upon the winds to dance upon the clouds, & our brother the wolf wisely watched over the careful balance, abundance, goodness, and the fullness of life afforded equally to all... Then came man who cared not for the wise ways of the Great Spirit, nor heeded the wisdom of the wolf, nor saw through the eyes of the eagle and the hawk, and cared not for the realm of the buffalo or his thundering heart, & sought to tame the spirit of the wild horse...and so destroyed the delicate balance of life & diminished the abundance freely given to all creation by the Great Spirit... And their hearts were saddened, their world destroyed, their hopes, dreams, and spirits crushed, by the ways of man...who cared not for the old ways, and despised the abundance and freedoms of creation, nor cared to walk in the pathways of wisdom and prudence... Their hearts forever bent upon doing evil, seeking power, and personal gain, and so destroyed the old ways... And so it is that the Great Spirit was grieved by the ways of man...& arose to right the wrongs, to bring justice, and to restore the ancient ways, & thus bring balance and abundance once again upon the land, to revive the hearts and spirits of all creation, to live as one, no more to destroy, but to share in the abundance of the grand design...
creado por: mtlonewolf

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Mountain and Sky Reflection-1, Animated
Horse and Colt, Metalized-2B37, 400X310, Transparent
Horse and Colt, Metalized-2B35, 400X310, Transparent
Horse and Colt, Metalized-2B33, 400X310, Transparent
cadre brun marron scintillant -c
silver frame
Frame F-S
Preying Eagle-1Z14, Metalized, 343X400, Transparent
Preying Eagle-1Z12, Metalized, 343X400, Transparent
Preying Eagle-1Z10, Metalized, 343X400, Transparent
Buffalo, Charging, Metalized-1-6, 180X143, Transparent
Buffalo, Charging, Metalized-1-4, 180X143, Transparent
Buffalo, Charging, Metalized-1-1, 180X143, Transparent
Wolf, Call of the Wild-1A38, 400X354, Metallic, Transparent
Wolf, Call of the Wild-1A35, 400X354, Metallic, Transparent
Wolf, Call of the Wild-1A33, 400X354, Metallic, Transparent
Glitter star
red background
3 Feathers, Eagle Feathers, Aztec Gold-3A, 166X400, Transparent
Aztec Gold-1D, 125X125, Transparent
Aztec Gold-1G, 125X125, Transparent



NatashaOoak dice:

hace 2448 días
My friend!! I'm totally blown away! Your work is impeccable!~  Such intense, spirited colors! This creation is magnificent dear!~*hugs*

mandarinschen dice:

hace 2450 días
what a beautyful quote and poetic  i love the old way i would like to live like in the past ... where all creation of the great spirit turn free ..  the mind andbody is full of health what a gorgeous thinking .. i wish me that we all come together  and living peaceful with the nature ... and all animals in there and plans let us dream together wonderful wolf ;D

aly68carr dice:

hace 2451 días
So beautiful,love everything,its d breathtaking

kerstie_uk dice:

hace 2451 días
••.•´¯`•.•• reғlecтιonѕ ••.•´¯`•.••

тнanĸѕ ғor addιng тнιѕ wonderғυl creaтιon тo тнe reғlecтιonѕ groυp:

alwayѕ 5 ★★★★★  

shihtzus dice:

hace 2453 días
Truly Awesome!!!!

villemo20 dice:

hace 2453 días
this is so pretty!

PinkyLeslie dice:

hace 2455 días
___(;) " " (;) __ 
___( ='o'= ) __
------(,,)-(,,)----  ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

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