Anime girl in winter theme...(rant below, just a warning)

Anime girl in winter theme...(rant below, just a warning)
This doesn't fit the picture at all, I was trying to find a sadder one but my laptop...welll over heating again so i had to quickly save. MY DAD. I love him, but he never gives me the "I'm so proud of you" good job or something! Especially this year, my report card was a freaking 4.0, he was mad because I got one A- in math, the A- was a 94 percent. He just gets mad if I don't get a 100 on a test either. I'm just...ugh! I get A's, some people don't even get A's, here he is complainning about not getting a perfect score? My whole life I've always put education as my priority, if I got a B+ guess who gets grounded? My mom isn't like that though, as long as it isn't a C she's okay. She understands the occasional C's. She's strict but not like my dad. It's just...ugh. When I showed him the report card, the next morning he told me I won't pass the high school placement test for this school that's like one of the best in Illinois. Really dad? I'm already studying for that, I always ask around to see what I can do to improve. Why can't you just say "Oh you can do it Kailey!" for once? I'm just so pissed off at that. My friend Boo immediately went up to me when I told her via text and said "I'm so proud of you! You'll do great in high school." My other friends congratulated me for the score too. I just want some support dad, and I just want him to not be mad about me getting something lower than 100 on a test. If I could say something to him right now it would be THIS: "You know what dad? I'm not perfect, no one is. It's impossible for someone to perfect all scores! That's unrealistic, I make mistakes, I forget, I'm freakin human. You asked in seventh grade why you didn't see my science test? It was because I knew how you would react, Mom told me it was good and she was proud of me, it was a 92 and she didn't snap! She said she knew I'll ace it next time. Why can't you be like that? Sorry for the rant, I don't rant often. I just want some positive motivation from him.
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Your dad really could be a little more supportive. Like you said, you aren't perfect, and you can't always get perfect scores. Even an A- is really good! He should be able to see that.

Good Blingee btw.

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Wow! 5*

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Have a great weekend!!  ٩(^_^)۶ 

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Well, first off, your dad is being totally unfair! I mean, he should be happy you try @ school! he should be HAPPY you aren't the type to get in trouble all the time! That's very mean of him to not even do that for you. Hey, if I was your dad I'd be proud if you even got a C. atleast it isn't a D or F!

Anyway, I'm happy you did good on your tests :3 I mostly get Bs in my tests. xP & awesome blingee!

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