It's time for you to sleep...

It's time for you to sleep...
Please sleep with this gift of mine. You can sleep well with this gift of mine. Yes, I am Princess Sandman who brings eternal repose, just so that you can be happy forever... Although it was a politically-motivated marriage, I nevertheless loved you. You're an good-for-nothing player drowned in your lust, but I actually loved you from long ago. You are merely after the wealth of a doctor's daughter, and even that's fine by me. You've forgotten our promise made when we were little, and that's fine, too, as long as I get to stay by your side. I can bear no longer to watch you stressed out everyday, so let me give you a really good medicine. It will give you sweet dreams, and recuperate your worn body. It's a present from me. Please sleep with this medicine (gift) of mine. You can sleep well with this medicine (gift) of mine. Yes, I am Princess Sandman who brings eternal repose, just so that you can be happy forever... Upon marrying Marquis Blankenheim, She finally felt the weight of reality. Just when Margarita was feeling troubled, her friend Julia taught her how to refine a "gift" medicine of repose. Margarita gave the "gift" to her husband, claiming that it was a powerful sleep medicine... Everyone has some kind of worries, including my father, my mother, and everyone in the town. For the sake of everyone who's insomnic at night, I will make a sleep medicine as my gift to them. As soon as you're plunged into your dreams, you can forget your cruel reality and unrequited thoughts. In your crib, just like a little baby, close your eyes, and let go of everything. Marquis Blankenheim, passed away. Doctor Felix, in critical condition. 24 dead in the hospital, cause unknown. Toragay is plunged into panic by the mysterious sickness. Behind the scene is the criminal organization Pere Noel (Father Christmas)? Will the Elphegort government entrust the investigation to the Freesis house? The traffic between the capital (Acade?) and Toragay is now cut off. The Freesis Foundation and its investigation team head out for Toragay. Toragay is already in a state of ruins. Everyone after drinking my gift has become happy, every single one. I, the only one not sleeping, in their stead, have obtained freedom and wealth. Please sleep with this poison (gift) of mine. You can sleep well with this poison (gift) of mine. Yes, I am Princess Sandman who brings eternal repose, a woman seeking after hope... In those days when I was used like a decorative doll, I was already broken a long time ago, so I wanted to destroy all. It's a very powerful medicine. Its effect will stay in you forever. Now it is finally time for me to sleep. I'll now change from Princess Sandman to Sleeping Beauty... Toragay turned into a ghost town. Margarita became a total psychopath who took pleasure in killing others. Was it caused by her own circumstances, or because she had been brainwashed by that woman...? After Margarita committed suicide, she took the truth together with her into the darkness... "What a terrible sight." "I apologize for making you wait." "Thank you for the hard work. How was it?" "It seems that the vessel has already been taken away..." "I see..." "And this incident most definitely is related to that woman Julia." "I guess we'll need to look deeper into this Pere Noel." "..." "Let's go, Goumilia, to Lucifenia." "Yes, Elluka."
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